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Hate crimes law and the religious right: Has anyone lied more about anything ever?

by Jeremy Hooper

In a new One News Now piece, professional "ex-gay" Greg Quinlan says the following:

"Every time now that I tell my testimony, talk about that change is possible, quote the science from the American Psychiatric Association, from the Human Genome Association, from professional organizations like N.A.R.T.H., I'm going to be persecuted," he argues. "The way this legislation reads, I could be arrested; I could be sued; I could be charged with a hate crime."
Ex-'gays' would suffer under 'hate crimes' law [ONN]

An interesting claim, considering this is the same Greg Quinlan who just last year was caught misquoting Dr. Francis QuinlanCollins (the Human Genome Project official who was recently appointed Director of the National Institutes of Health) in a way that goes against Dr. Collins' own expressed wishes. And the same Greq Quinlan who, after Collins' own words were presented to him, proceeded to accuse Ex Gay Watch, the site who obtained the clarifications, of making up the Collins comments. So it would seem that when it comes to Greg's "testimony," scrutiny is more than understandable.

But even with the backlog of aggressive deceit, there is still no gay activist on the face of this planet who is seeking to arrest/sue/charge Greg or his allies for hate crimes! Obviously. And there is nothing in the Matthew Shepard Act that even intimates that the "ex-gay" community's attempts to alter actuality via their personal faith views could ever be construed as actionable. Obviously again.

Perhaps if Greg and his friends would place a premium on accuracy rather on the unrelenting need to push an agenda that's defined by its discredibility, they would start to see things a little more clearly. But until they willingly do so, we will gladly use their "testimony" against them in the court of public opinion.

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Your thoughts

I have long believed that 'truth in advertising' laws should apply to the religious. And, anyone for that matter, that attempts to extract their living from the pockets of the gullible by lying to them. And, every time they send out mailers that lie to their supporters, while also encouraging (begging for) monetary donations, I believe that should be subject to mail fraud laws - though, arguably, that might be a bit more of a stretch because those laws are pretty toothless.

I just think that of all the laws that they should be afraid of, the hate crimes ones should be the least of their worries. Until, of course, you address the true motivation for their opposition to adding LGBTs to hate crimes legislation. Their motivation has less to do with fear of being prosecuted for hate crimes, and much more to do with using every opportunity presented to them to spread their lies about us - with the ultimate goal of further monitizing their avowed hatred of us.

Posted by: Dick Mills | Jul 20, 2009 11:23:39 AM

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