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Matt's anti-Obama T-party: Will his own pals even show up?

by Jeremy Hooper

Matt Barber's attempts to kill the Obama health plan via transphobia has already earned him an uncredited mention on Maddow:

8/4/2009 [Maddow]

6A00D8341C503453Ef0115718971A2970B-1But Matt won't be happy until the hyperbolic attacks that have defined his professionally anti-LGBT life manage to destroy his entire movement's credibility on healthcare reform:

*AUDIO SOURCE: Taxpayer Funded Sex-Change Operations Likely Under Obamacare [CWA]

Matt's a funny one, because he always acts as if his political opponents refuse to debate his claims on their merits simply because they have the inability to do so. What he doesn't realize (or at least acknowledge) is that the reason why people typically refuse to go down his foreign, winding paths is because those trails are usually too unmeritorious to host a principled foot! He acts as if the entire world swims in his anti-gay, transphobic, anti-choice, uber-conservative waters, and that a failure to take his attacks seriously is an indication of "guilt." What he doesn't see (or admit) is that a huuuuuge portion of society (most?) consider his verbose-yet-oversimplified, most-always fallacious, undoubtedly hostile setups to be flawed on their face! A meme is not going to happen just because he and his thesaurus want it to!

We've indulged Matt time and time again, writing lengthy refutations of his attacks (*this is our 101 post that features his name). But we're not going to debate him on matters like SRS funding when he already admits that he learned all he needs to know about gender identity by looking at a bull's balls on his childhood farm! We're not going to consider him a sharp conservative mind when he describes our push for basic fairness as "Big Homo." We're not always going to play his nonsensical games, just because he's claiming that there are serious stakes (that is, of course, once you get through his overuse of adjectives and actually locate his point). And we imagine that many of our friends in elected office, as well as many of our nation's most gifted political observers on both sides of the aisle, feel the same about his rage-masked-as-conservatism.

Sorry, Matt, but there are grownup discussions going on in this country, the likes of which revolve around the careful, measured consideration of the human experience. Forgive us if some of his evil liberals don't see a need to indulge you in your transparent attempts to devalue the LGBT community's own humanity.

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Your thoughts

If Matt indeed "learned all he needs to know about gender identity by looking at a cow's balls" that may be part of the problem. Cows don't have balls, they have udders. Bulls have balls.

Posted by: ColdCountry | Aug 7, 2009 9:28:02 AM

Ha! Good catch. I'll correct it.

Posted by: G-A-Y | Aug 7, 2009 9:33:16 AM

Matt starts strong "illegal immigrant gender re-assignment surgery! FEAR FEAR FEAR!!!!"

And then proceeds to whip himself into a froth. Even the CWA lady at one point had to rein him in and bring him back on topic.

This isn't a radio interview; it's poetry.

Posted by: DN | Aug 10, 2009 8:31:31 AM

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