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ME: CA pastor to Clark in for fallacious duty

by Jeremy Hooper

Chris-ClarkDuring the Proposition 8 fight, San Diego pastor Chris Clark's niche was to constantly repeat the canard that if CIVIL marriage equality is to become the law of the land, then his career asa preacher will be drastically impacted. We saw him make these claims to outlets like Baptist Press and the Christian Broadcasting Network:

(click to play audio clip)

It's among the most disgusting bits of "pro-family" thought, since it is so clearly bullsh*t. Everyone knows that pastors are free to deny ANYONE of a religious marriage ceremony (a completely optional component of the civil marriage equality that gays are seeking). Atheists, folks from different faiths, someone who they simply find ungodly: Faith leaders have always had the ability to choose whose marriages they wish to solemnize, and it's a right that no gay activist -- NO GAY ACTIVIST! -- is trying to take away. But folks like Pastor Clark know that this sort of fear plays in faith communities, so they embrace the "gays are gonna force us or tax us" nonsense in ways fallacious enough to make Bernard Madoff blush.

And next month, Pastor Clark is going to take that specious-yet-sellable way of thinking to another coast, joining forces with the Family Research Council, Alliance Defense Fund lawyer Jorden Lorence, and Bob Emrich from Maine's "official" anti-equality campaign for the sole purpose of duping Maine into their own Prop 8-like situation:

Picture 4-250
Maine anti-gay event [FRC]

Oh, Chris: Your lies in the name of God have already devastated one state's gays. Isn't that enough to earn entrance into your vision of heaven?!



**SEE ALSO: For a taste of what we might expect from Perkins/Lorence, check out this 2008 Right Wing Watch video:

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Your thoughts

let the gays be free to whatever

Posted by: debt relief | Aug 24, 2009 1:27:38 PM

fools. It's christians who try to force their religious views on others, not the other way around. Or else. Lying liars.

Posted by: nikkon | Aug 24, 2009 3:02:26 PM

Why is a Christian organization using clip art of someone blowing a shofar? Does it have anything to do with the fact that this event is scheduled a few days before Rosh Hashanah?

I have not had an opportunity to listen to the audio yet, so I do not know if these questions are addressed there. However, as a gay Jew, I'm bothered to see this organization appropriating symbols of my faith to promote its agenda.

Unanswered questions:
-- Can the timing, so close to the High Holy Days, be a coincidence?
-- Is this graphic meant to recruit Jews to the event, or imply that this organization's beliefs are in alignment with Judaism?
-- Has the Family Resource Council already run out of clip-art images of Jesus to plaster all over its signage?

Posted by: Dave | Aug 24, 2009 3:38:18 PM

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