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NOM on Hortons: 'But, but, but -- we're only stripping gays of liberty. What's the big whoop?'

by Jeremy Hooper

6A00D8341C503453Ef0120A4Df458D970B-1The Advocate managed to snag a quote from the National Organization For Marriage's Christopher Plante, the first official reaction we've heard from the anti-equality side in regards to the Tim Hortons pullout:

"It's stressful, it's sorrowful, it's saddening," Plante said. "The marriage equality folks are making this a boycott threat. That's sad. It has become our job now to remind Rhode Islanders that this is what's to come." Plante added that the event is apolitical, saying, "It's held by an organization that, whatever you think of our politics, is not religious, we accept folks of all faiths and of no faith."
NOM: Tim Hortons Pullout Is "Sorrowful" [Advocate]

Oh, Christopher. Apolitical? Areligious? Why that's disingenuous even for NOM, buddy! For everyone knows that this event's scheduled speaker, Maggie Gallagher, is not only a political face of this thoroughly faith-based movement: She's become THE face of it! And everyone knows that the only kind of faith your side truly accepts is the kind that denies LGBT people of their civil equality. At least have the fortitude to take ownership of your convictions.

Plante goes on to tell The Advocate that gay and lesbian couples are welcome to attend the event with their families. Which is kind of like the schoolyard bully telling his targets that they're more than welcome to watch him eat the lunch that he purchased with their pilfered dollars. The offer ain't an olive branch: It's an attempt to clear a discriminatory conscience! Thanks but no thanks.

*Actually, on second thought, we absolutely hope gay couples will show up at this Rhode Island event. But it won't be on NOM's invite or agenda. It will be in reasoned, principled reaction to the same.

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Your thoughts

Glad you had that "second thought". I too hope gays and lesbians in Rhode Island attend NOM's little tea party. Will it be an actual tea party now that they don't have coffee?

Posted by: Derek in DC | Aug 11, 2009 9:33:22 AM

Please, I've seen the menu, not interested. We throw much better parties. Come on boys and girls celebrate marriage equality and inclusive family day with a potluck barbecue! I wonder is there is a park close by?

Posted by: SammySeattle | Aug 11, 2009 2:41:31 PM

Now,now. You know very well Maggie would take money from an atheist if it meant eradicating the rights of gay people. But how many atheists actually donate to hate groups like that?

Posted by: Buffy | Aug 11, 2009 10:05:38 PM

The guy from NOM called us "the marriage equality folks."


Posted by: Donna | Aug 12, 2009 12:02:02 AM

And speaking of Maggie Gallagher's face - how long did she hold that handstand in Lake Ugly? She could stick her face in dough and make ass cookies.

Posted by: Johnj | Aug 12, 2009 4:21:32 PM

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