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8 = 1; both = inequality

by Jeremy Hooper

Yet another reason why the "Yes on 1" campaign's theatrics about out-of-state special interests is a completely hypocritical red herring. This from Baptist Press:

Ron Prentice, executive director of California's, the group that backed Prop 8, sent out an e-mail Tuesday urging supporters of Prop 8 to donate money to help pass Question 1.

"The stakes are high, because a victory in Maine by gay marriage activists will be trumpeted as a sign that the mood of the country has changed," Prentice wrote. "Despite losing all 30 prior campaigns around the nation, same-sex advocates have been able to convince the media that it is 'inevitable' that homosexual marriage will soon be the law of the land. A victory in Maine would give them the 'proof' they have been seeking and will encourage the media and our opponents to write marriage off as a relic of history."

In Maine, gay marriage TV ad war begins [BP News]

So let's see: The Maine anti-gays have hired Schubert Flint, are relying on key Prop 8 players like the National Organization for Marriage, have entrusted their ads to California firms, and are counting on Ron Prentice to drum up cash. Watch your lighthouses, Mainers: Next thing you know, these folks will put palm trees where they once stood!

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Your thoughts

Has anyone done a recent poll in Maine to determine how many people are pro/anti 1 and what each district thinks of the matter?

Posted by: ---- | Sep 15, 2009 6:06:56 PM

---: I've heard some internal polling, but no public info as of yet.

Posted by: G-A-Y | Sep 15, 2009 6:08:03 PM

I don't know what Ron is talking about. What a strange concept that if they win Maine, it will be just another message that gay marriage isn't inevitable. When is the last time he checked on the social acceptance of gay/lesbian relationships. Two years ago, we only had one state with gay marriage. Now we have six, and three of them were passed in the legislature which is the elected representatives of the people in each of those states. If I didn't have a college degree and wasn't smart, I'd say same-sex marriage is inevitable.

The religious right can create all the setbacks they want and even if we do lose on Question 1(heaven forbid), we keep fighting for our rights. We'll keep educating, we'll keep talking to people, we'll keep working hard, we'll keep fighting.

Now back to work in gaining support in Maine for gay marriage.

Posted by: Sam | Sep 15, 2009 6:50:07 PM

"write marriage off as a relic of history"

I'm so pissed off at those eight words that my stomach is turning. Do they ACTUALLY think that by SEEKING marriage, we're attempting to ABOLISH it? Seriously, what the fuck?

What's to be said about their side writing off thousands of American families as a societal curiosity undeserving of equal legal treatment?

Posted by: sage goes in every field | Sep 15, 2009 9:25:34 PM

SGIEF: They are building quite a quote repertoire for themselves, aren' they? And the beauty part: In this changed media world, all of these quips -- every last one -- will live on. We'll see to it.

Posted by: G-A-Y | Sep 15, 2009 9:30:15 PM

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