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Maggie shocked -- SHOCKED! -- that gays won't let her anti-'live and let live' views live

by Jeremy Hooper

Maggie-GallagherWhen it comes to the fight to redress the stakes in a "culture war" battle that she's chosen to wage, Maggie Gallagher has never met a victim card that she wouldn't play. Latest example: In a new syndicated piece, she tells us all about the gay "bullies" who refuse to let her discriminate in peace. But not before she invalidates all of her false outrage by referring to a certain clergyman's beliefs as being "debased," simply because he stated a personal feeling that marriage equality increases peace :

I was in Maine on the day that marriage qualified for the ballot this November. I went to Maine as president and founder of the National Organization for Marriage, which helped local groups organize the signature drive in Maine, as we did in California for Proposition 8.

Most of the people in Maine were enthusiastic, but one clergyman asked me, "Shouldn't we live with our neighbors in peace?"

His question haunts me for its debased presumptions: Is using democracy to fight for shared values somehow an act of war against our neighbors? "Agree with me or you're a hater" is not the authentic voice of peace and tolerance. But the question underscored an increasingly obvious truth: Gay marriage advocates now rage against Americans who disagree with them, no matter how civilly we conduct the debate. They believe only one side has the moral right to be heard.


A "fight for shared values"?! Uhm, Margaret, dear: YOUR FIGHT IS TO GET EVERYONE TO SHARE YOUR 'VALUES' ON THE SUPPOSED IMMORALITY OF GAY PEOPLE!! You have every right to deny that this is an "act of war" against gay people, their families, and their supporters. But at least have the intellectual fortitude to admit that your side is intervening in the representative democracy system for the sole sake of rolling back civil liberties for a certain set of the population!

The simple yet inconvenient truth for your side, Ms. Srivastav: That there simply is no possible way to rob others' deserved freedoms in a "civil" manner. A soul punch is still a soul punch even if you smile while inflicting said hit on your adversary's core! And speaking of long-lasting soul punches: The National Organization For Marriage's one and only mission is to step into any and every locale where marriage equality is taking hold, and to launch an unprovoked attack against the same. No gay activist -- NO GAY ACTIVIST! -- is working to deny the anti-gay side of the "moral right to be heard." But we are unabashedly hoping to drown out the hostile voices who have appointed themselves the guardians of the marriage keys, the only ones fit enough to determine which tax-payers' commitments are worth of recognition! And when things like Prop 8 tarnish this great nation of ours, we are unapologetically pulling the veil off of the morality police that used false compassion to inscribe rank bias into another state's precious governing document.

Maggie: We've noticed that a major through line in your work is the complaint that if marriage equality comes to be the world's natural reality, you and your team will be seen as "bigots." But what you never ask yourself, Magsterooskie, is why this could be the outcome. You blame the gays, you blame agendas, you blame Tim Gill, you blame children's books, you blame gathered storms -- but you never look at your own work and ask if maybe, just maybe, it itself is the element that could lead your legacy to a less favorable place in the history books. And Maggie, that is the big problem here. You don't want to take responsibility for your years and years of (sometimes under-the-table) work against loving gay couples. You want a scapegoat, Maggie. What you don't want to admit is that you are the one who chose to grab the heterosexist whip, and you are the one who chose to crack it in the name of money and entrance into conservative circles. Whatever bed that causes you to lie in, Maggie, it's time you admit that you are the one who made it. All that LGBT people have done is fight for a day when they can shut their eyes in their own warm beds without feeling that a large portion of the population is actively raging against their mere existences.

Rather than pointing fingers in such a accusatory fashion, Maggie, it would seem high time for you to lock yourself in a quiet room, look at your visage in the mirror, and do a little self reflection. If you turn on your objectivity chip and think logically about this shared existence that we call humanity, perhaps you'll start to see why those who've made a career out of denying others of their own place on the planet tend to receive less-than-favorable casting when the period films are inevitably made.

**Oh, and by the way: It's not like Mags has even been all that "civil." In addition to the constant lies and misrepresentations (which to us are enough to earn her an "uncivil" label), Maggie has also come right out and said that gays are committing "several kinds of very serious sins." You know who isn't, by and large, attacking Maggie's innate morality? Gay activists, that's who!


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Your thoughts

Wow...her reasoning astounds and horrifies me.

Posted by: Susan | Sep 9, 2009 9:58:02 AM

Wow... where did you find that pic of her? Brilliant...

Posted by: Kamikapse | Sep 9, 2009 11:52:57 AM

I love how you guys always find the most hideous picture. She really is an ugly human being - inside and out.

Posted by: Tony | Sep 9, 2009 11:59:40 AM

Love that new photo of Maggie Gallagher-Srivastav, the Minister of Magic Truth for the National Organization of Maggots.

You can slap a veneer of civility with a smile on a bigot, but then all you have is deceitful bigot. That's much better.

Posted by: Richard Rush | Sep 9, 2009 12:49:41 PM

I have already filed an IRS 3949a on the NOM and hopefully they will get their tax exempt status revoked over money laundering the LDS and Catholic Church's tax exempt lobbying.

Posted by: Mykelb | Sep 9, 2009 1:25:33 PM

A quick paraphrase:

You're calling my "fight" against you a "war"? How debased of you!!

Why, you must think I'm a bigot. Stop thinking I'm a bigot. Stop it. You're so full of rage!!! Stop thinking that, you bully!! You haven't even been punished for being a bully.


Posted by: Timothy Kincaid | Sep 9, 2009 2:17:25 PM

New caption for that pic: GaLOLagher

Or GaLOLSOEOAMager - Ga-LaughingOutLoudSpittingOnEveryOneAroundMe-agher

Posted by: Dick Mills | Sep 9, 2009 3:17:34 PM

I can't help but notice she doesn't ANSWER the clergyman's question.
She doesn't consider LGBT people her neighbors, I guess.

Posted by: Bill S | Sep 9, 2009 4:27:23 PM

In all fairness, she's not trying to make us SHARE her beliefs, she's just trying to have the government force us to LIVE by her beliefs. So by her logic, it's wrong for us to try to convince other people that gays should have equal rights, but it would be A-OK for us to pass a law forcing her to marry a woman.

Posted by: Roi des Foux | Sep 9, 2009 5:35:26 PM

@Mykelb: Did you get a copy of the 990? They received notice of my certified letter requesting it and the rest of their not-for-profit filing info, but they haven't picked up the letter yet. I'm anxiously waiting for it to be redelivered. Then the 30-day countdown begins.

Posted by: Brian | Sep 9, 2009 5:59:51 PM

Roi: The "share" mention is in response to Maggie talking about her fight for "shared values." NOM's ultimate goal is for the vast majority of society to share their one set of values -- everyone else be damned.

But you're right. They'd probably by fine with us all living by their rules, even if they had to force them upon us.

Posted by: G-A-Y | Sep 9, 2009 6:08:35 PM

To the unnamed clergyman in question: Rock on dude.

Posted by: Callie | Sep 9, 2009 8:51:27 PM

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