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Video: Charles in Charge (of turning Carrie into the new Anita Bryant)

by Jeremy Hooper

Prejean-LiMandriWant to learn more about Carrie Prejean's lawyer, the NOM-affiliated attorney who is on record labeling same-sex unions as "societal suicide," who once said that the "destruction of the concept of gender is perhaps Satan's greatest accomplishment," and who cites discredited researcher Paul Cameron as a credible information source? Well dear reader, you are totally in luck. For we have just dug up eight videos featuring one Charles LiMandri, Esq. that just might be the most lie-filled, false study-quoting, unprincipled, ass-pulled, unrepresentative of actuality, unlawful, faux martyr-creating, offensive, faith-based attacks on our lives and loves that we have ever seen committed to digital video!

-Catholic teaching is a suitable basis for denying gays of their civil liberties

-Gays are abused as kids.

-Drawing pictures of army tanks could possibly turn gay kids (like Charles' cousin) "normal."

-Gays have a higher rate of violence.

-Gays are incapable/nondesirous of monogamy.

-We gays really just want to attack religion.

This is the man who Carrie Prejean is trusting to defend her against the gay community's "firestorm of relentless attacks":

*In this clip, note how he admits the NOM is "predominantly Catholic" (2:30):

Ya know, it's always interesting to hear how we supposedly are. We listen to it kind of the same way we watch "True Blood," waiting to see what crazy situation the scene writers are gonna hand us next.

Except, of course, unlike Bill Compton's desire for Sookie Sackhouse's neck, the anti-gay side's bloodthirsty agenda has repercussions that affect us in the mortal realm outside of Bon Temps. And for that reason, my little breathers, we have no choice but to shine a light in their direction. There's too much at stake.

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Your thoughts

The drawing pictures of tanks thing is hilariously ironic considering what the cannon resembles.

Posted by: RainbowPhoenix | Sep 3, 2009 5:56:05 PM

The lies and fear-mongering that pour forth from this reprehensible man's mouth nauseate me. How do so many people like LiMandri manage to get law degrees and use their powers for evil? It's frustrating!

Posted by: Andrew H | Sep 3, 2009 6:37:34 PM

This guy's got it all: flawed statistics, skewed interpretations, "I'm not here to judge, *BUT*..."

So hard to pick a favorite moment, but I think it may be when he says it's illegal endorse a party or candidate from the pulpit, BUT, *one* candidate in particular is very pro-gay. OK so that's bad enough, but then he goes and names Barack Obama as the pro-gay ruiner of religious rights.

I'm not saying this guy has a flawed argument, BUT...

Posted by: DN | Sep 3, 2009 6:38:21 PM

Some serious lol'ing at the "drawing pictures of tanks." When I was 14 and came out to my parents, they immediately sent me to ex-gay therapy and all that. My parents were big-time spelunkers (yes, strange job I know, but still) and the "therapist" suggested that my parents start taking me with them on their spelunking expeditions because it would heighten my interest in "exploring the yoni."

Posted by: KRD | Sep 4, 2009 11:44:44 AM

Quote from videoclip no 8: "At a school in Goucester (spelling?) of 1200 students, 17 girls are pregnant. These are the fruits of same-sex marriage-" hmm. just wondering.

Posted by: jutta | Sep 4, 2009 10:56:29 PM

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