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Prejean saga: Hope it stays warm in California, because the gloves are now officially off

by Jeremy Hooper

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Carrie Prejean may regret ever having joined forces with NOM-affiliated attorney Charles LiMandri to file suit against the Miss California organization. Because as journalist Karen Ocamb has discovered...

Miss California’s Keith Lewis to Carrie Prejean: We want your ill-gotten profits [LGBT POV]

...the cross-complaint that has just been filed against her seriously threatens to belie not only her case, but also the nice, sweet, purely motivated facade that she has been cultivating for the past many months. From Carrie's alleged undermining of authority to her choice to view her contract as a suggestion rather than an as an oh, I don't know, CONTRACT, the newly released documents make Ms. Prejean sound spoiled, a bit petulant, and as heedless of her past job as she is towards LGBT people's constitutional freedoms.

Check out both Karen's story at the link above, as well as the full complaint embedded here:

Cross Complaint

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Your thoughts

I love that "Dean" Keith Lewis from the first season of Flavor of Love: Charm School is giving Carrie a lesson in manners.

Posted by: DN | Oct 20, 2009 10:41:40 AM

Carrie, smarry and now since its going to court .....REALLLLLY boring. But here is the BAAAD part of this article. PAY ATTENTION FOLKS.

"“Along with Samuel Rodriguez, Miles McPherson is one of the rising stars of the new evangelicalism, 2.0 if you will, which wraps traditional conservative evangelical positions – including antiabortion and anti-gay politics – in a swaddling cloth of impressively well crafted PR.

In Miles McPherson you’ve got a rising Jamaican-American mega-pastor, a handsome all-American athlete who rides a motorcycle, is folksy, self-deprecating and laughs a lot onstage, who can reel off impressively long lists of anti-gay statistics that Timothy Kincaid, writing for Box Turtle Bulletin, states are flat out lies –

"But McPherson delivers those lies with such seeming sincerity that I doubt his flock has any idea.
McPherson, per his own account, seems to have played a key role in the manufacture of the Christian right’s new Anita Bryant, Carrie Prejean, who he’s described as an “Esther”.
Watching McPherson’s almost one-hour onstage interview of Prejean, I foumd myself thinking that it was a spectacle to send old-guard white racists running for their nooses and shotguns – a black man anointing a white beauty queen. Imagine.
Well, that’s the new Christian right, the Rainbow Right, which claims to love gays while attacking the ‘gay lifestyle’ via cooked statistics and suggests same sex attraction stems from demon possession – but which is racially and ethnically inclusive unless one happens to be Jewish. And, it’s a tendency that is also aggressively promoting female leaders such as Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, and Carrie Prejean – ‘Esthers’ all.
We’ll be seeing a lot more of Miles McPherson, I’ve no doubt."

Posted by: LOrion | Oct 20, 2009 1:45:19 PM

I found this read hilarious - page 12 is a solid lesson on what it takes to be a bad human being!

All arrows point toward Prejean violating her contractual obligations with K2 and CA Miss USA. I hope they nail her (in non-pleasurable ways) for this.

Posted by: Tommy | Oct 20, 2009 5:12:06 PM

so she is a liar and a paervrd and a porn star

having sex before marriage is a sin

porn is a sin

and lying is a sin

and picking and i choosing is a sin

Posted by: Roxes /rio | Nov 5, 2009 10:45:12 PM

so she is a liar and a paervrd and a porn star and she picks and chooses which parts of the bible to obey .

1.having sex before marriage is a sin

2.porn is a sin

3.and lying is a sin

4. and picking and i choosing is a sin

and she is there hero rite

Posted by: Roxes /rio | Nov 5, 2009 10:48:28 PM

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