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Mouse house gets new head; 'Pro-fams' get bigger traps

by Jeremy Hooper

mickey-pro-fams-gayMarriage. Basic employment and hate crimes protections. Adoption. Now its top corporate jobs from which the "pro-family" set wants us barred:

Disney announced last week it had named Rich Ross as studio chief. The 47-year-old television executive helped to revive the Disney Channel, and now will oversee all production, distribution, and marketing for the company's live-action and animated feature labels. It is the first time an open homosexual has been named to such a position.

Peter LaBarbera is president of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality. He says although a boycott of the entertainment giant (initiated by the American Family Association) was called off several years ago, the company is still very homosexual-friendly.

"The sad reality is that whenever you see a homosexual activist at the top, nine times out of ten they end up pushing that gay agenda using their influence to push it wherever they can," states LaBarbera.

"It's the way the homosexual movement ends up influencing the country far beyond its tiny numbers," he explains. "They get in key positions of power, and then they use that power to advance their agenda."

LaBarbera says it is time for parents to get educated and to move away from Disney to family-friendly entertainment companies.

Disney elevates homosexual to studio chief [ONN]

Good mother of glass ceiling-installing nuttiness! These Goofies would turn down a cancer cure if it came from the mind of a 'mo!


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Your thoughts

now disney is "anti-family"? yikes!

Posted by: Henry | Oct 13, 2009 3:50:07 PM

If Porno Petey wants to talk small numbers, why don't we talk about the small numbers of religious bigots that are out there.

That's right kids, there really aren't that many Christo-Fascisti our there but they sure know how to open their fucking traps.

Posted by: Tony P | Oct 13, 2009 4:39:14 PM

News flash, Petey boy, Nickelodeon is gay friendly too. That network specifically has aggressive recruiting of talent in the gay community.

Too bad, looks like AFTAH wants to harm the biggest and most powerful family entertainment networks around over the talent that a network in a FREE COUNTRY should be able to hire according to their talents and interests.

Why doesn't AFTAH start their own family friendly entertainment network and see how many people they can attract to it.
That's how the market works, Petey boy. When you become a boring, screeching anti gay banshee, people just turn you off.

Posted by: Regan DuCasse | Oct 14, 2009 12:25:05 AM

Well, no clue what Rich Ross will do with all that power, but if it were me, I'd be sure to push my "gay agenda" of making sure all the people working for me had health insurance, partner benefits, hate crime protection, an equal chance at getting promoted ....you know, basic human dignity stuff.

Posted by: Em | Oct 14, 2009 3:17:03 AM

"Good mother of glass ceiling-installing nuttiness! These Goofies would turn down a cancer cure if it came from the mind of a 'mo!"
jeremy - my monitor is now trashed :)

Posted by: c-freak | Oct 14, 2009 12:48:22 PM

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