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Video: Be it lunch money or presidential appointments, we must resist bullies!

by Jeremy Hooper

The far-right continues to gun for Kevin Jennings, even though their nasty claims of "Kevin supported statutory rape" have been proven false. So that being the case, it's time that we who are sick and tired of this maliciousness to demand that the media instead focus on why these so-called "family" groups are completely overlooking the real stories of the real children to whom Mr. Jennings has dedicated his life towards protecting.

The following is Kevin's outgoing GLSEN speech that was given in May of 2008. Yea, he talks about Brewster -- he talks about how Brewster was planning to take his own life before he met him! And yes, he talks about other gays kids -- he talks about the ones who DID end up in graves rather than in peaceful, loving relationships! He talks about all of his work to combat the same kinds of mentalities that are now being used to smear him. Have a listen:

You of course didn't hear any of this when Focus on the Family used this very same video for yet another hit piece. That's because the "protect children" crowd doesn't want you to hear anything involving the demonstrated vulnerabilities of LGBT youth, so FOF took out every last thing that an actual child-protector should want to here and instead left in only one short line in a desperate attempt to make Kevin look "militant." So it is 100% fair for anyone to interpret FOF's mission statement with this project as , "Screw the gay kids -- we have an administration to destroy!" And in fact, it's not only fair of those of us who want to protect gay kids to interpret their message this way, but it is actually imperative for us to do so if we're going to resist their nonstop agenda of turning a blind eye towards (and therefore emboldening of) future tragedies for parents like Sirdeaner Walker!

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Your thoughts

Incredibly powerful and impressive speech. Too bad it couldn't be included in a "State of the Union" address. I was near spellbound and wish I had been present in the audience to hear it live and in person.

Posted by: Kent | Oct 7, 2009 3:53:47 PM

Just clicked on the FRC website to read the "letter to oppose Kevin Jennings" and did a little re-writing. THe letter I ended up with was positive and uplifting (as least I hope so). Even though I sent it (complete with a confirmation number from frc), I doubt that it really gets sent ;( they will probably just delete it IF they read it. Oh, well. They even used Brewster as a weapon (even though he was 16 at the time, according to many websites. including this one). So much for being up on the current news, frc.

Posted by: aj | Oct 8, 2009 1:39:05 AM

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