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Another Californian, another Speaker milestone

by Jeremy Hooper

PerezIt should be inconsequential. But in a world at "culture war," we pause to recognize another first for our tribe:

It’s official. The California Democratic Caucus just announced that they voted unanimously to support Assemblymember John A. Pérez (D-Los Angeles) to serve as the next Speaker of the Assembly. A floor vote is expected when the Assembly reconvenes in January.
Openly gay John Perez voted new Speaker of the California Assembly [LGBT POV]

We can be mayors, speakers, lawmakers, senior officials, chief executives, award-winning hosts, top entertainers. We can lead our fields and lthen andscape yours. We can cure ailments and come up with a steady stream of innovative developments. We can benefit society with inestimable labor-fruits, which our colleagues here at Planet Earth Inc. will gladly suck up with giddy abandon.

Yet we still have to beg for simple, basic rights? When a foreign government sees it fit to imprison/murder our brothers and sisters, we still have to sit back and watch prominent people greet the potential genocide with either complacency or silence? And we still have to suffer the indignity of having our rights clobbered behind truly mindless bon mots like "Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve"?

We are community that is so uber-willing to share our considerable gifts. Yet a steady storm of forces are hellbent on embezzling great portions of our lives, comfort levels, citizenships, mental states, physical time, and sometimes even our existences themselves. And when we do anything other than smile and beg for another beating, these same aggressors call us "militant."

It's a world drunk with heterosexism. We're sick of drowning being drowned within it.

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Your thoughts

Here is comment I left under SFGATE report of this great nomination.

HOOT, read JacobT who thinks Homosexuality is a deviance.
Sorry it is NOT. Being asexual, heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, transgender are all just permutations of NORMAL innate sexual orientation... very, very, normal. Like skin color, eye color. However, like personality, being a social trait they are more complex in their genetic background.

Deviances are kinks, like pedophilia and rape (committed by many Catholic priests and Christian pastors.) .. and Immorality encompasses, premarital sex, adultery.. lets see committed by ?everyone? Well seemingly by a goodly number of our Senators, even Presidents..and of course professional artists and athletes.

Posted by: LOrion | Dec 10, 2009 8:08:29 PM

RI is also poised to have an openly gay man as House Speaker come January. If Gordon Fox wins his challenge for Speaker RI will then have gay leadership in the House and in the city of Providence (Mayor David Cicilline)

Posted by: Tony P | Dec 10, 2009 9:59:21 PM

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