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From double zeros to many thousands: 2010 is equality's spring, not fall!

by Jeremy Hooper

At the beginning of 2000, marriage could not have been any less on my radar. I was out, proud, and dating. I was even open to the idea of lifetime commitment (even if I, at 20, was far too young for such a thing). But even with my self-contentment, love-searching, and general feeling that America at the end of Clinton was headed in the right direction, marriage equality didn't even seem within reasonable grip to me at the time.


Now we're about to begin 2010. Same-sex couples have been marrying without incident in Massachusetts since 2004. California and Connecticut followed suit in 2008, and Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, and Iowa went towards equality in 2009. Other areas, led by D.C. and New Jersey, could see marriage in 2010. And in between all this fun, several other states instituted civil unions or "everything but marriage" partnerships.

Sure, Maine and California were forcibly rolled back by a tyrannical vote. But it's undeniable that the current landscape is immeasurably different from the day when Y2K was said to be society's biggest threat. Current twenty-year-olds know that marriage is a realistic possibility for all. They know that it is their right, one for which they have vowed to fight.

And as for current thirty year olds? Well, they're legally married.

If most any objective person were to size up the past ten years, they'd surely say that the aughts are the decade when marriage equality for all went from a vision held by a few activists to a widespread idea shared by an ever-growing number of Americans. But Brian Brown is anything but objective. Which is why he tells ABCNews.com the following:

"This decade might be better termed the rise and fall of gay marriage"
"The momentum is clearly on the side of protecting marriage,"..."I think, politically, this is a disaster for the Democratic Party if it doesn't get its act together on this issue

-Brian Brown
The Decade's Rise of Gay Marriage [ABCNews.com]

Uh huh, right, Brian. So from 2010-2020, the aging process is going to reverse, with all of the anti-gay side's strongest supporters becoming the most politically active, while our side's reliable support goes out to pasture? The thousands of same-sex couples who are legally married under state law are going to willingly give up their marriages without a fight because certain religious folk say they should? And even though the anti-gay side's overplayed hand has opened countless eyes to crucial matters of church/state separation, civil inequality, and accurate usage of the referendum process, somehow the thoroughly discriminatory views (which go against intellectual and constitutional accuracy) are going to all of a sudden become a new fad? It's just illogical, B.B!!

It's understandable why Brian and his pal Maggie are so fully fighting against the inevitability arguments, since the march of time is a far bigger NOM adversary than we could ever hope to be. But if you look back at this decade, a few truisms emerge:

  • Having tons of kids is a more likely path to stardom than is studying at Juilliard
  • Crocs and Uggs prove Americans will put anything on their feet if they are told to do so
  • War is awful, and rarely the answer
  • Few movies based on 80's cartoons will please the nostalgia bone as fully as they could
  • LGBT people are here to stay. Dancing on daytime TV, leading top American cities, and marrying the one that they truly love

The marriage momentum is undeniably on our side. And as for the Smurfs movie? Well, I'm hopeful.

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Your thoughts

Radical anti-gay activist Brown MUST say this. Otherwise, supporters would not send him money and how would he pay his salary and Mag's?

Posted by: Michael | Dec 17, 2009 6:59:44 AM

Brown is missing a few successes in the last ten years: South Africa, Canada, Spain, The Netherlands, Belgium, Norway and Sweden.

Posted by: marsmannetje | Dec 17, 2009 4:47:56 PM

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