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IL Sen. candidate Andy Martin: Running on 'The following people kiss boys' platform

by Jeremy Hooper

Picture Trinity Campaign Shot High Def 2007 001-1In all of the nasty gay-bating campaign tactics that we've seen over the years, we have never seen anything quite like what's going on in Illinois.

The deal: As part of his campaign to take the Senate seat that is now held by Sen. Roland Burris (and was previously held by some guy named Barack), Republican candidate Andy Martin is going after the "alleged homosexual activity" of his GOP opponent, Marshall Kirk. But in doing so, Martin is not only hoping to out Kirk (which would be pretty standard partisan fare in the post-Rovian era). What's truly weird is that he's also coming right out and de-closeting other prominent figures like married, Republican Charlie Crist, with Martin stating as fact that both the Florida governor and U.S. Senator Herb Kohl (among others) are "closeted gay m[e]n." Here, have a look:

(CHICAGO)(December 28, 2009) Republican U. S. Senate candidate and insurgent “Internet Powerhouse” Andy Martin will hold a Chicago news conference Monday, December 28th to announce that he has begun a statewide campaign of advertising suggesting that Mark Kirk must address media rumors of his homosexuality.

“The Chairman of Illinois Democrats for John McCain has accused Mark Kirk of being a homosexual, and living with another homosexual man in Washington, DC. Kevin DuJan, who was recognized by National GOP Chairman Michael Steele in April, 2009 as a 2008 John McCain leader, has published a widely circulated article claiming that Democrats are planning to expose Kirk’s homosexuality to retain the U. S. Senate seat in November, 2010.

“These accusations demand a full explanation from Kirk himself. Kirk’s attempts to brush off his critics with a statement claiming they ‘demean’ him will not wash with Republican primary voters. It seems that everywhere Kirk goes, ‘rumors’ follow in his wake. That’s very unusual.

“Interestingly, all of the persons behind the current Kirk attacks appear to be motivated by support for another GOP candidate in the senate primary, not my campaign.

“Earlier, Lake County Republican leader Ray True accused Kirk of being a homosexual, and said he ‘knows Kirk pretty well.’ Former Republican gubernatorial candidate Jack Roeser said there is a ‘solid rumor that Kirk is a homosexual.’ Both men support another GOP candidate, not my campaign.

“Let me be clear. Homosexuality is not the issue. Every person is entitled to privacy, and everyone is entitled to equal protection of the laws. But when someone such as Kirk steps into the public arena, and wants to be elected to one of the top 100 public offices in a nation, he owes Illinois voters a campaign in the open, not a ‘campaign in the closet.’ Who does he share a house with in Washington?

“Republicans have had a persistent homosexual problem over the years, most recently with Congressman Mark Kirk and Senator Larry Craig. But both parties struggle with closeted gay man as public officials, such as Wisconsin U. S. Senator Herb Kohl and Florida Governor Charlie Crist. We need to deal honestly with human behavior.
KEEP READING: ANDY MARTIN /2010 “The Name You Can Trust” Republican for U. S. Senator [Andy Martin]

Gosh, we simply can't understand why Americans are so disenchanted with American politics. Must be those damn gays, right?

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Your thoughts

In addition to being absolute slime, Martin is also an unapologetic Antisemite. He's an equal opportunity hater.

Posted by: Timothy Kincaid | Dec 28, 2009 3:20:42 PM

What are the qualifications one needs to be an "internet powerhouse"?

Posted by: Bob Miller | Dec 28, 2009 5:01:45 PM

yea, I found that laughable too, Bob.

Posted by: G-A-Y | Dec 28, 2009 5:07:46 PM

"We need to deal honestly with human behavior."

...and what exactly does THAT have to do with the performance of an elected official?

These christian freaks have a serious problem with their obsession with everyone else's sex life.

Posted by: Dale | Dec 28, 2009 5:32:23 PM

Oh but Dale, didn't you read what he said: "homosexuality is not the issue."

How dare you accuse Mr. Martin of being obsessed with gays when he comes right out and says that he's not?! [/snark, snark]

Posted by: G-A-Y | Dec 28, 2009 5:35:51 PM

Would that be, uh, sort of like Fat Mags loving this:

Lev 20:13 proclaims, "If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them."

But not so happy with this:

Proverbs 23:2 proclaims, "Put a knife to your throat if you are given to gluttony."

Just sayin'

Posted by: Dale | Dec 28, 2009 8:08:15 PM

What's particularly mean-spirited about this is that Kirk is a Navy reservist. It's not just typical political muckraking when you're talking about something that could cost the guy his career outside of politics too.

Posted by: Ryn | Dec 29, 2009 12:52:06 AM

So the instigator of Democrats for McCain was actually a Republican, how shocking.

Lies and fear, keep it up guys.

Posted by: Pete | Dec 29, 2009 4:24:35 AM

Who knew, Chicago and Madrid, sister cities, both blaming gays for everything: http://www.gayagenda.com/2009/12/spanish-catholics-just-blame-the-gays/

Posted by: gleeindc | Dec 29, 2009 7:35:48 AM

I have long thought that candidates might be better if they actually told us why they were the best person for the job, not why the other person was bad for the job. What ever happened to "If youcan't say anything nice about a person don't say anything." ?

Posted by: Bob Miller | Dec 29, 2009 9:32:46 AM

Here are some great videos of the idiot Martin is and always will be. He attacks a news crew and goes to jail in these videos.




Please enjoy these as much as I have enjoyed them. I knew Andy Martin would eventually pull a huge bonehead move.

Posted by: 2 reporters | Dec 29, 2009 9:25:18 PM

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