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Give me Liberty or give me [homosexuals]

by Jeremy Hooper

We've had plenty to say about CPAC, GOProud, and the reasons why they gay conservative group should not sign on to sponsor (i.e. endorse) alongside groups like the National Organization For Marriage and the Alliance Defense Fund. But at the same time, we've also acknowledged the ancillary, more welcome, more humorous scenario in which the anti-gay far-righties go absolutely apesh*t because of the gays in their midst.

In this lemon-like situation, that anti-gay rage has been the lemonade. Now it's time to take another drink:

Liberty University Law School has withdrawn as a co-sponsor of next month's Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Washington because a Republican homosexual activist group is being allowed to co-sponsor the event. (See earlier article)
"Obviously as an exhibitor or participant, you don't necessarily have to think that everyone agrees with you, and some people might even work against you," [Liberty Law School dean Mat Staver] notes. "But as a co-sponsor, even though not everybody would have the same mission, not everyone would agree with the same tactics, and some would actually focus on economics whereas others might focus on social issues and others might focus on national defense -- the fact is they're all conservative in nature. You wouldn't expect, however, a co-sponsor to actively work to undermine another co-sponsor, and that is in fact what GOProud does."

CPAC keeps GOProud, loses other sponsor [ONN]

So let's recap: Gays sign on to sponsor, even when they probably shouldn't. Anti-gays sign out, because even the validation that their party gives to LGBT-hostile bias (the very reason why the gay group shouldn't sponsor) isn't enough to appease their fears. Yet the anti-gay group does still plan to have a booth, so that they can work to convice the attendees that the big tent they are all standing under has a massive rip, even though it's the gay sponsors who are having to overlook eons of personally-targeted rips to even show up at the damn event!

Some party. It kind of reminds us of the other one, where you can pay a huge sum to attend the donkey shows, then sit back while the heterosexual guests wave their ring-adorned hands at you from the VIP section.

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Your thoughts

The last donkey party I went to was in Juarez, Mexico over forty years ago. It had nothing to do with gays, though. The male donkey they had was straight, at least he was with the young Mexican woman who was on the stage there with him.

I guess before computer games became available, they played Donkey Dong instead.

Posted by: Bill Ware | Jan 13, 2010 4:08:57 PM

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