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It's a Catholic world, we just attend a Passover seder within it

by Jeremy Hooper

Take heart, shunned gays. It's not that Catholic leaders like California's Bishop Cordileone oppose our CIVIL marriages because they think that their personal religious faith should be able to influence the state. They do so because they think that their personal religious faith IS the state world.

This from Fr. Thomas J Loya, the pastor of Home Glen, Illinois' Annunciation of the Mother of God Byzantine Catholic Parish in Homer Glen and host of “Light of the East” Catholic radio show:


And here we thought moving to Vatican City was still a choice. [::sigh::]

*Comment left here: The Cord begins with Salvatore? An examination: Pt 1. [G-A-Y]

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Your thoughts

With "sensitivity" and "compassion" like this, who needs enemies?

Posted by: Sykler | Jan 27, 2010 8:42:46 AM

Reading this, all I could picture was that cell phone carrier commercial that is on TV a lot currently about breaking out of the restrictive bubble of you network. I don't want to live in his bubble. He can live in his own bubble all he wants. I believe there is a country where what he says is true for everyone, it's called The Vatican. I don't care how much better he thinks his network is, there are other networks out there and some are not as restrictive than his.

Posted by: Bob Miller | Jan 27, 2010 9:13:24 AM

"Looser" also means something, and it's not a noun.

Posted by: Evan Hurst | Jan 27, 2010 9:51:51 AM

Sadly, his [ie. the Catholic Church's] views are predicated on their personal view that they have and their god have been (ostentatiously), from the outset, the "definer" of the "natural order" onto which their personal and religious views of marriage have been derived.

So, gee, I'm guessing that romantic, committed and sexual relationships between two males or two females is simply a fantasy? And, the sexual and romantic relationship between the OT's Jonathan and David was an aberration! And, the fact that we see this same homosexually-inclined relationships in the animal world ought to be ignored because we should somehow "control" our innate desires to that extent? But, that view is also predicated on the alleged "supremacy" of the Catholic religion to all others; and those others are, in turn, viewed as "fraudulent". *groan*

So, I'll clearly spell it out for ya' padre, the American Anthropological Association has declared that many cultural (non-religious) relationships across the planet in which marriages and families were entered into by couples of the same gender. Indeed, the ethnographic record reveals evidence that, before the dark coming of Christianity, Gay people were, in fact, revered. All native cultures--such as the pre-Colonial Native Americans and Chuchi shamans--revere their Gay tribes members as natural-borne shamans; and they are deeply sought after as spouses by their fellow tribes members of the same gender (which includes a deep level of commitment, romance, and sexual attraction).

Posted by: Wade MacMorrighan | Jan 27, 2010 10:32:54 AM

A religious (because that what catholicism is) leader accusing us of "affirm[ing] a certain dishonesty or fantasy"? Methnks he needs to look in the mirror a bit more often and with a bit more critical thinking.

Posted by: JT | Jan 28, 2010 6:34:54 AM

Wade: "Sadly, his [ie. the Catholic Church's] views are predicated on their personal view that they have and their god have been (ostentatiously), from the outset, the "definer" of the "natural order""

The trouble is, this god doesn't seem to give a very consistent message regarding what sexual practices are okay and what ones aren't.

For a detailed talk on this see:

Isn't science great?

Posted by: Brian Dean | Feb 19, 2010 3:54:32 AM

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