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No grey area in Bay Area: Maggie says it's Cable Cars vs. Catechisms

by Jeremy Hooper

We're not sure if Maggie Gallagher writes her own headlines for National Review's "The Corner" blog. But this one is outrageous:

Prop 8 Trial Watch: San Francisco Hates Catholics [Maggie Gallagher]

We know that to these "pro-family" folks, San Francisco is merely a stand-in for "militant land of sodo-liberalism." But in reality, it is a city. A great city. MaggieMade up of people. Human beings. Humans of every kind, faith, sexual orientation, and what have you. Including a very active Catholic population. A catholic population that even includes -- and hold on to your rosaries for this one -- gay Catholics.

Maggie's basis for writing this incendiary headline is (a) the anti-Prop 8 side's general feeling that canon law, while valid to the lives of many, is not able to trump constitutional law on the issue of CIVIL marriage, and (b) the pushback that locals have offered those Catholic leaders who've acted in discriminatory ways. So what Maggie's referenced adversaries truly "hate" is the biased actions from certain members of the church leadership. Actions that could easily be construed as "hate" by those who see the harshest motives in anti-LGBT treatment. Actions that have certainly ratcheted up a general tone of hostility towards gay lives and loves. And actions that are not reflective of the church's full body.

Maggie's myopia has led her to take a city of over 800,000 and pit it against a church of even larger size. Perhaps we shouldn't be surprised, since cultivating dissension is the way that Maggie collects her paychecks. Yet somehow we still are. Guess we just "hate" to think that some people view the world through such an unproductive, unscrupulous lens.

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Your thoughts

Since she's prejudiced against millions of LGBTs and tells outrageous lies in an attempt to appeal to others' prejudices, what's to stop her from doing the same against 800,000 residents of a particular city?

Posted by: GreenEyedLilo | Jan 14, 2010 10:02:48 AM

But, Jeremy, this is all about bringing the two great halves of humanity together so that babies won't be motherless or fatherless and when you say you're against the gay marriage thing you're labeled as a bigot.

Wow. 4 Maggieisms in one sentence! I'm impressed with myself!

Posted by: Bearchewtoy75 | Jan 14, 2010 11:44:38 AM

I think the real person any self-respecting San Franciscan truly hates is Maggie herself. And NOM.

(or perhaps that's just the sleep deprivation talking...it's amazing how many I've met in the LGBT community who express sorrow and disappointment rather than hate. Too bad some in the Christian community can't do the same, despite their religion's teachings to do just that)

Posted by: Aya | Jan 14, 2010 11:45:04 AM

I lived in SF for a while, and I can assure to the Gagger that the minute that She, NOM and the Kid-Fuckers in the Catholic Church stop wielding their religious based hatred as a weapon against me (and when the kid-fuckers stop fucking kids), is exactly the same day that I (personally) will entirely forget that they even exist. It's really simple, Gaggie. And, as a Cathaholic, you should have heard before that, "you reap what you sow." And you, of all people, should know about sows.

Posted by: Dick Mills | Jan 14, 2010 12:42:09 PM

It hurts my head to trying to even understand how and why she thinks like this. But I do loathe her with every fiber of my being. And I love the picture. Shows her to be the swine she actually is.

Posted by: John Ozed | Jan 14, 2010 2:25:13 PM

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