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Audio: 'You've got to stop lying to the America people,' Matt Barber

by Jeremy Hooper

Alan Colmes takes on makes a mockery out of the incendiary teachings of one J. Matt "one man violently cramming his penis into another man’s lower intestine and calling it ‘love’" Barber:

Yes, Alan is right: Matt is indeed playing with words and backtracking on his past comments. In the past few days, he has flat-out called Barack Obama an anti-American enemy...

Barack Obama: Enemy within [WND]

...painted the sitting president (as well as a certain openly Massachusetts-based congressman) as an anti-religious bigot...

BARBER: Barney and Barack's anti-religion agenda [Wash Times]

...and said that he wonders "if there are more sinister motives" in President Obama's presidency:

Audio here: April 13 Does the Greatest Threat to America Live at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue? [LC]

Plain and simple: Matt wants people to respond in ways similar to one of his own Facebook fans:

Screen Shot 2010-04-19 At 9.06.25 Am-1
Matt Barber's public Facebook wall (this comment in direct reaction to the Colmes audio)

And of course we in the LGBT world have continued to hear all kinds of remarkably over-the-top nonsense, like on Friday when Matt agreed with TVC's Andrea Lafferty that homosexuality is "among a litany of...sexual deviances" that include things like sex with an amputee's stump and sexual behavior involving feces and urine. But now, when he gets booked on a national radio show and has to actually verbalize his hyperbole, he does what we see so often from the "pro-family" side: He acts like he's been nothing more than a reasoned mind, with the ones who rightfully question or reasonably criticize his outright dangerous messaging being made out to be the "fringe."

Matt has built his anti-gay, anti-progressive career around being aggressive. He came into the "pro-family" world because of aggression against LGBT people, and he maintains employment because of his willingness to continue down this road on which he does things like refer to marriage equality advocates as "purveyors of evil" or compare gay unions to marrying a house plant. or because he says things like this about American talk show hosts:

If marriage is a Rembrandt, then the ridiculous and oxymoronic notion of "gay marriage" is a Rembrandt knock-off from the pages of Mad Magazine. It's a silly novelty."
"Ellen [Degeneres] compounds the sin of homosexuality by using the platform she's been given to lead others astray. She guides her many adoring housewife fans into rebellion against God's divine and explicit natural order by suggesting they celebrate sin and entertain, along with her, the "gay marriage" delusion."
"I'm sorry (well not really) for my lack of contrived "sensitivity," but Ellen, sweetie (to borrow from a presidential candidate), no amount of wishful thinking or going through the motions will make your illicit same-sex "relationship" with Ms. DeRossi a "marriage." You may get a piece of paper that says it is, but, in the eyes of God and most of the world, your counterfeit "marriage" will never be worth the paper it's written on." [

Now Matt's extending his scope beyond the 'mo set, tapping into the new anti-Obama TEA Party mentality that's pushing dangerously close to torch-and-pitchfork democracy. But don't be fooled: Matt's new campaign the same "smear the queer" game with which we LGBT folk are all too familiar. It's just that Matt is opportunistically applying his hurtful, thesaurus-utilizing ways to a heterosexual man, one who just so happens to be the most powerful person in the world. It's up to those of us who are woefully in tune with his coarse version of Christianity to connect the dots.

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