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New NOM ad: 'Envious' approval ratings now a liability, apparently

by Jeremy Hooper

Check out this unbelievable bit of deception from the National Organization for Marriage:

So why do we say unbelievable deception? Well check this out: The source material that they briefly glimpse at the beginning of the ad, and to which they link on their tie-in "Lynch Lied" website, is a 2/12/10 report from WMUR-TV whose headline actually reads:

Poll Shows Slide For Lynch, But Still High Approval [WMUR]

And it's not just the headline (from which the ad quickly cuts away) that bears mention of Lynch's sustained high approval. The entire thrust of that WMUR report is on how Gov. Lynch, unlike some other Democrats and incumbents, has been able to weather political storms. He was very, very high and now he's just high -- but the facts of the report are nothing short of positive for the governor. Here's but a snippet:

With midterm elections fast approaching, many Democrats can only watch as poll numbers continue to slide to the right. But while voters grow frustrated with the economy, Gov. John Lynch is managing to keep high approval numbers.

"Lynch's favorability rating and job approval ratings are envious by any governor right now," said pollster Andy Smith of the University of New Hampshire Survey Center.

In the latest WMUR Granite State Poll, 60 percent said they approved of the job Lynch is doing. That's down 15 points from last year, but Smith said that indicates how high his approval had soared

Still not enough for you? Well here's the video report that accompanies the print version:

THIS is what they are using to say that Lynch is unpopular? A report that says his 60% rating is "envious by any governor"? A report that, while acknowledging a 15% dip, also acknowledged that this is primarily due to his old rating being at a bizarrely high level (because let's be honest, in this "throw the bums out" culture, 75% is an unreal expectation for any sitting governor? Obviously NOM is trying to lead the witness, telling the public that the Governor is failing and is unpopular, so that the meme will catch on regardless of fact. They may be successful and they may not. But one would think they could at least find a source that says something close to the "Lynch's approval ratings are way down" opening line, rather than basing this entire ad campaign around report that basically says THE EXACT OPPOSITE!

Well then again, NOM also describes an increase in loving, legally-recognized couples as being a "threat" to marriage. Why should we expect the lay of their land to be anything other than filled with gaps and mirages?


**One more: The 5/14/09 "news report" that NOM cites at the end of the ad is not a news report at all. "Gov. 'Flinch' lets down New Hampshire" is an editorial from the conservative Republican publisher of the conservatively Republican Union Leader, Joseph McQuaid.

**Oh, and where the hell does NOM get off printing this on the "Lynch Lied" site:

Screen Shot 2010-04-13 At 4.57.39 Pm

NOM is based in D.C. and New Jersey. Maggie Gallagher lives in Ossining, NY. Last time we checked, none of those places are in the Granite State. They are not part of the NH "us"!

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