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Today in Maine: A future November's anti-equality field workers will be recruited

by Jeremy Hooper

-In multiple videos on his public YouTube page, Pastor Bob Emrich supports "ex-gay" therapy. So of course Maine's anti-marriage 'yes on 1" campaign selected him to co-head the campaign.

-Family Research Council head Tony Perkins, when he's not busy telling half-century old jokes at the gay community's expense, spends his time telling people that gays are "being held captive by the enemy," pushing a junk science website that lies to kids about what credible professionals say about sexuality, accusing the president of "[jeopardizing] our nation’s security to advance the agenda of the radical homosexual lobby," using grim reaper graphics to oppose basic employment protections, and suggesting that marriage equality will collapse D.C.'s economy. Oh, and he supports "ex-gay" therapy as well.

-Bishop Harry Jackson likes to refer to marriage equality in D.C. as "armageddon," which should lead to a "bloodletting" against same-sex marriage. Oh, and yes to "ex-gays."

So why do we bring up this trio now? Well, because today in Maine, the three men will join up with a representative from the exceedingly homo-hostile Alliance Defense Fund for the sole purpose of convincing local pastors that "religious liberty is under attack":

Screen Shot 2010-04-26 At 9.02.20 Am
Screen Shot 2010-04-26 At 9.02.27 Am-1

And of course those of us who follow this crew know that we, the LGBT, are the ones who they put in the "religious liberty attacker" seat. So basically, Perkins, Jackson, Emrich, et. al, are spending their Monday building a coalition of local faith leaders who they can and undoubtedly will tap into when gay people's rights are again up for contention at the Maine polls. They are laying groundwork. Keeping their self-declared "pro-family" team pointing fingers, with those digits aiming straight at our faces (or ring fingers, as it were).

But you know what? Rather than rolling our eyes, we should be learning from this strategy. While we do work in interim periods, it is an undeniable truth that our side is far more complacent in between crucial elections. Understandably so, since our goal is simply to live our lives in peace, whereas our opposition is on a never-ending quest to stigmatize certain kinds of "undesirables." After all, they declared this "culture war": Fostering it is 24/7/365 game for their side. And who among us on the pro-equality side wants to go into this hurtful, personally-targeted, soul-wrenching world anymore than we have to?

But here's the thing: These folks are still beating us at the ballot boxes. And they are doing so because of this constant focus on building and replenishing their infrastructure. So we simply cannot afford to to look at their on-going efforts as obsessive and bizarre, even if their obsession with our lives and loves is exactly that. The truth is that they are doing their homework ALL. THE. TIME. If we want to protect our own homes from their overreaching, never-dying desire to reach through our windows and take away whatever benign peace they can grab, then we're going to have to care a little more.


**UPDATE: Just received word that gubernatorial candidate Bill Beardlsey will also be on hand. Keep an eye on that one, folks.

*Here's what these Watchmen events look like:

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