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If numbers hold, NJ may be slightest #NOMtour stop yet

by Jeremy Hooper

First report we've heard from the National Organization For Marriage's Trenton,NJ, stop:

Screen Shot 2010-07-20 At 12.55.14 Pm-2

Hold your "ha!" until we get more confirmation (as difficult as that may be).


*NOTE: This FAIL would be particularly poetic, considering NOM found its roots in the Garden State.

*UPDATE: NOM's tweeted a few pics. In their defense, I see more like 50ish. The men in white suits are all from the Catholic organization (and major anti-gay initiative backer) Knights of Columbus:

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4812242307 A4Fe93325B-1

*NOTE: The pro-equality counter demo happened in another location, which is why you don't see them.

***UPDATE: The Courage Campaign's Arisha Michelle Hatch hand counted 48 vs 158, advantage obv. our side: NOM turnout FAIL in New Jersey (again): How will Brian Brown spin this one? [NOM Tour Tracker]

**This comes from Brian Brown's latest e-blast

Screen Shot 2010-07-20 At 1.14.12 Pm-1

"An even bigger crowd" than past stops? Eh, I wanted a pony when I was a child. Wishes don't always come true.

**UPDATE: Some of the attendees were pulled from a local Christian youth conference:

Screen Shot 2010-07-20 At 1.21.12 Pm

About City on the Hill:

City on the Hill is a nonprofit organization composed of Christian men and women involved in the fields of Christian ministry, education, business, law, medicine, media and public service - organized for the purpose of sponsoring this fantastic educational opportunity. Highlights of the program include workshops on our Christian heritage, the government of California, grassroots community organizing, the influence of the news media, and career guidance. [SOURCE]

Oh, and City on the Hill is directed by Karen England. If that name sounds familiar, it's because England and her Capitol Resource Institute is one of the most active anti-LGBT groups in California.

I'm sure these kids are getting all the facts about civil marriage vs. religious ceremony [::eye roll::]

***UPDATE: Check out the incredibly hollow rationale the speakers are using: At least have fortitude to admit you're denying equal dignity!!!!!!!!! [G-A-Y]

**UPDATE: An "ex-gay" champion (Greg Quinlan, possibly?) showed up

Screen Shot 2010-07-20 At 3.32.58 Pm-1
Photo: Courage Campaign

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