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#NOMTour speakers: 'Change' credible science can't believe in

by Jeremy Hooper

When one visits the North Carolina Family Policy Council's homepage and searches for information about the nature of homosexuality, he or she will find an unapologetic rejection of credible science in favor of discredited "ex-gay" therapy:


And among the sources the NCFPC writer (Daniel R. Heimbach, Ph.D.) cites is the American College of Pediatricians, the ideologically-driven splinter organization that was created by the far-right (with connection to George Rekers) in order to confuse people into think it's nothing more than an equal counterpart to the credible American Academy of Pedatrics:


The same American College of Pediatricians that NIH Director Francis S. Collins, M.D., Ph.D smacked down after he discovered that they were twisting his work.

Okay, so a "pro-family" group with ties to Focus on the Family is supporting "ex-gay" therapy. Not all that shocking. So why do we bring this up now? Well, because the head of this North Carolina Family Policy Council group, Bill Brooks, has a really big gig coming up:

Raleigh. North Carolina
NOM Summer for Marriage Tour Stop:
Tuesday, August 10, 2010 from 12:00pm – 1:00pm
State Capitol, South Side
Raleigh, NC 27601

Brian Brown, President, National Organization for Marriage
Bill Brooks, President and Executive Director, North Carolina Family Policy Council

National Organization For Marriage Tour

This being the case, we felt it important to let the public know that, yet again, NOM is cozying up to allies who are all-about "changing" gays. Bill is the E.D., and the above "policy paper' is prominently featured on NCFPC's site. There is no denying his connection to it and its unscientific teachings.

We saw this same sort of thing in Augusta, Maine, where the NOM team heavily promoted Bob Emrich. The same Bob Emrich who links to many over-the-top "ex-gay" videos on his official YouTube page.

And then there was the Columbus, OH, tour stop, where NOM featured Concerned Women For America speaker Bobbi Radeck. The same Bobbi Radeck who proudly Tweeted about "healing from homosexuality," sending her followers an article that called gays "brothers and sisters in bondage" and painted gay activism as part of "the forces of darkness and evil around us."

Oh, and let's not forget the Rochester, MN, speaker who invoked a slippery slope to pedophilia and/or polygamy as reason why gay couples should only have rights that are similar to two elderly sisters.

Or the St Paul speaker, Brad Brandon, who is on record comparing gays to alcoholics, adulterers, and pedophiles, as well as supporting reparative therapy.

Now sure, none of these people are official NOM employees. But these are the people who they picked to speak on their behalf along their much ballyhooed summer tour. These are surrogates. The people that NOM needs in order to stay afloat, both at the bank and the voting booth. So in a way, these are the people who speak *most* fully for what NOM is and does and wants!

So when you hear Maggie and Brian and whoever else talking today about Prop 8 and how their cause is all about "protecting marriage" and nothing more, push back more forcefully thank you ever have before. Because behind their house of carefully workshopped cards lies a far more concerning reality. One that cares not only about altering the state of gay people's ring finger, but rather the entirety of our out and proud beings.

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