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Mike Heath looks to his 2nd Act, Amendment

by Jeremy Hooper

In a blog post and related email blast, longtime (but now former) Christian Civic League of Maine/Maine Family Policy Council director Mike Heath is sending out a truly bizarre piece of mixed messaging. On one hand, he feels a need to reassure us of what should go without saying: That he won't literally shoot down an adversary. But then, in the exact same message, Mike chooses to run a picture of a 9mm, before making a bizarre allusion to the easy way that said gun fits into the human hand. Take a look:

Preachers who sit idly by granting this matter the exalted status of debate are shirking their duty. Abortion and sodomy are not matters for debate. This is war.
All Christian men are in this fight to win. There is no other option. Generations unborn hang in the balance. We will not lose this fight. We cannot.

Does this mean that I'm going to get out my 9mm Glock and go shoot an abortion doctor this week? No, all such acts of violence, carried out as they are on the basis of private authority, are reprehensible. No one has the authority to harm another, because such an act undermines the stability of society. The same is true of abortion.

It does, however, mean that I'm going to rank these matters as more important in priority than taxes and the economy. We can deal with those lesser matters when we restore honor, virtue and truth to families and relationships.

When we turn to Jesus Christ the economy will begin its recovery. We will also learn to truly love one another, and our enemies. With Jesus Christ, and submission to His heavenly Father's ten commandments, this is possible. Without Them it will never happen.

If God calls you to join these men in the acknowledgment of my ordination from God there are some actions you can take to start me on this narrow path. Here they are:

1. Pray for Paulie and me.

2. Make a financial donation. See the bottom of this email for instructions on how to do that.

3. Help us spread the word by forwarding this email to others, and by encouraging them to invite us to speak/sing to their church or group.
My ministry is called
Helping Hands. Hands can be helpful in so many ways. The grip of a pistol is shaped to fit the same human hand that tenderly cups the cheek of an innocent infant. Manly honor and virtue are better expressed in the heroism of a Marine than in the willingness of a lukewarm Pastor to compromise the Word of God. As Christian men we must be prepared to defend virtue and innocence. Honor and truth require it.

Never forget that the freedom to know God in this world is under attack as never before. If we surrender to the athiests
[sic] our promise to be One Nation Under God (Jesus Christ) then we submit ourselves to His judgment. We should not be surprised when our nation collapses. We will have earned it.
Ordination: Called to Continue [Mike Heath]

Uhm, okay. So let's consider this. First off: The basic fact that most voices of political disagreement never even think to mention the possibility of a gun fight. There's no reason to refute the possibility, as the possibility is nowhere near the tip of said voice's mind, tongue, or trigger finger. The very thought of grabbing arms is a complete non-starter for the vast majority of politicos, left, right, or center. But here we have the man who basically defined Maine's anti-LGBT movement for the past couple of decades first mentioning the gun possibility, then only proceeding to reject it for the reason that it "undermines the stability of society" (with the fallout on the same footing as abortion rights, in his view). Is that not concerning?

Next Mike goes on to, in the strangest of turns, hunt down a glock image from Google and clumsily shoehorn it into his post. And then what does he do after that graphic display? Offer yet ANOTHER gun reference, this time juxtaposed with the gentle touch of an "innocent infant" (a.k.a. "pro-life" messaging). Huh?!? What is he trying to say here?! And why?!?

All over this here Internet, Mike's successor at the CCL of Maine, Carroll Conley, is trying his best to distance the organization and himself from the incredibly incendiary Heath. Understandably so. Maine's most visible "pro-family" organization clearly wants to dodge a bullet that would kill their chances at any and all sustainability.

But still, one has to wonder: Where do the far-right social conservatives see a need to step in when it comes to (rhetorical?) gun control? Because we know that if one of our like-minded political pals was so seemingly fetishizing the way a deadly weapon feels in the hand, we'd at the very least have a private conversation about how this makes us look as a movement!


*MORE from Evan Hurst: Mike Heath Probably Will Not Pull a Gun on Anyone Over Gays and Abortion [TWO]

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