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In this DADT discourse draft, we totally have Tony's number!

by Jeremy Hooper

In a new commentary for Daily Caller, Tony Perkins fear-mongerily warns that if DADT repeal goes through, then the President will have Tony-Perkins-preachingto reinstate the draft. So okay, fine. Whatever. Tony Perkins has more than proven himself willing to say whatever comes to his mind on a particular day, with the criteria not being reality or measured discourse, but rather the strongest scare points he can scare against the people who he considers to be "held captive by the enemy." He's become the boy who cries "HOMO!" and his predictive shouts deserve to be received in the same manner.

But what we do want to mention is Tony's repeated claim:

Opposition voices will be stifled, as mine was when I was disinvited as a speaker for an Air Force prayer luncheon. I had no intention of speaking about that issue. No matter. I was on record as one who supports the current law of the United States!
Will President Obama bring back the draft? [Daily Caller]

Because this poor, pitiful me act is an outright lie and TONY. KNOWS. IT!

It wasn't about merely supporting current law. PUH-to the-LEEZE! The reason Tony was disinvited from Andrews is because of the comments he made just moments after the State of the Union speech, when he wrote that this nation's Commander in Chief is "willing to jeopardize our nation’s security to advance the agenda of the radical homosexual lobby." For many within the military culture, comments like these go well beyond normal politicking and partisanship -- they are unfair assessments of the one person who outranks all other military officers. And since nobody is constitutionally owed a speaking engagement, officials within this same military culture have every right to disinvite a speaker who has, on his own volition, put forth such a disrespectful judgment of the Commander in Chief's own judgment call. And that's EXACTLY what happened at Andrews! Andrews officials confirmed that this was the reason:

But Tony's not "standing by his statement." Standing by the statement would mean taking responsibility for the same!

If a respected military establishment like Andrews disinvited a speaker because he or she had called George Bush a war criminal, we would 100% understand why they'd make that choice. So would Tony. So would most evangelicals. But since this constant, near-daily slighting of our current Commander in Chief involves gays, people like Tony think they have every right to say whatever the hell they want, just as long as the pray beforehand, and toss around the words "values" and "morality" a few more times throughout. And they think that anything that comes out of the mouth can be justified, just as long as the play the innocent, false witness-bearer whenever a fair-minded observer steps in and calls them on their shenanigans.

We don't have to take it.

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