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Video: In Oregon, Maggie wants to take her 'they'll call us bigots' claims off table; Elsewhere, the table is so crowded with her claims, it -- like NOM's house of cards -- is near collapse

by Jeremy Hooper

Here's Maggie Gallagher speaking to Focus on the Family:

"Gay activists treat Americans who disagree with them about same-sex marriage like bigots." [SOURCE]

Maggie in her syndicated column:

"When I entered this debate in 2003, gay marriage advocates scoffed at the idea that a federal constitutional amendment was necessary. Now gay marriage advocates applaud as Ted Olson tells the world that our marriage laws are grounded only in hatred and bigotry, that they are akin to racism. Ted Olson's team actually read Catholic and Baptist doctrine into the court record, to persuade the judge that to be a Christian is to be a bigot."
"Ted Olson will talk in court this week like a civilized man. But Ted Olson, as much as any one man, is responsible for the idea that there is no real debate to be had about gay marriage, that all the legitimacy, all the arguments, all the good will and good reasons are on his side. He will be asking this judge to disrespect the views of his fellow Americans, to brand them ignorant, irrational and bigoted, and to take away our right to vote for marriage." [SOURCE]

Maggie writing for the National Review Online:

"It’s sad and disturbing, and a confirmation of what I began saying seven years ago: When they say you are a bigot, comparable to those who opposed interracial marriage, if you think marriage is the union of husband and wife, believe them. They say it because they think it’s true. The movement goal is to use the power of law to help reshape the culture, as was done for race. Those who didn’t realize this in 2003 will start acting that way in 2010, because framing ideas have consequences." [SOURCE]

Maggie speaking at Gonzaga University:

(click to play audio clip)

"One of the ideas they're stating is that people like me...are exactly like bigots who oppose interracial marriage"

Maggie speaking to the Courage Campaign:


The ad copy from the "No Offense" ad, crafted by the National Organization For Marriage at a time when Maggie was still its president (she's now the chairman):

"When a pro-marriage group expresses concerns about how same-sex marriage will impact religious groups, they are called liars and bigots" [SOURCE]

The text from an e-blast that the National Organization For Marriage sent out at a time when Maggie was still its president:

"Gay marriage is about using the power of government to propagate a new faith: Individuals who oppose gay marriage are hateful bigots and they and their faith community should be punished." [SOURCE]

Okay, so what do all of these clips and bites and vids have in common? Well, in every single one, Maggie or her affiliated organization declares that views like hers are and will be treated like bigotry. Or one step further: The claim is that she and anyone who thinks like her will be all-out treated like bigots in an America with marriage equality. This has been Maggie's rhetorical M.O. for at least three years now.

And why do we bring it up in the here and now? Well, because check out one more clip from that recent Oregon marriage panel that we've shown you twice today:

(*only the first 20 secs or so are pertinent for this post)

[YT: fumcpdx]

Uhm, what?!? Maggie now wants to take the "they will treat me like a bigot" thing off the table? Does she not realize that she herself has been stacking those claims on the table so high for so long that she no longer needs to pray to God to reach heaven: She can just climb her stack of "bigot" claims to get there!

The thing is: We've never once called Maggie a bigot, nor do we plan to. We focus on the issues at hand and let history do its own casting, under the knowledge that people oppose marriage equality for a number of short-sighted or misinformed reasons, and the belief that everyone (even Maggie) could someday reform his or her views. However, since we've more than witnessed the mileage that Ms. Gallagher has tried to get (and sometimes succeeded in getting) out of the "they'll treat us like bigots" meme over the past few years, we're not going to sit here now and watch her not accept a gay activist's genuine sympathy for the complaints that she herself has been putting front and center.

Even if for no reason greater than logical consistency, we couldn't accept this game of pretend. But considering Maggie's tactical reasons for using these "bigot" claims are undeniably designed to paint gays as the aggressors, we do have greater tangible reasons for calling out the shenanigans.


*EARLIER inconsistency from this Oregon panel: Maggie's neutral panel chatter vs. what she says about us in other forums: The truth is that there are two Maggie Gallaghers [G-A-Y]

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