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Legislating from the bench? Try benching from the legislature

by Jeremy Hooper

It's one thing to rally troops with misinformation in an already scheduled referendum so that they unfairly vote to remove the three judges up for retention (see our complete Iowa For Freedom Archive for that). But now Iowa's anti-equality movement is taking it all a step further. Three state lawmakers are hoping to use their legislative power to remove the remaining members of the unanimous panel that enacted same-sex marriage in the state, simply because said lawmakers don't agree with that fair-minded decision:

State representatives Tom Shaw, Glen Massie, and Kim Pearson, all freshmen politicians, are pushing for the removal of four judges. Their effort was bolstered by Republican speaker-elect of the state house, Kraig Paulson, who said he would not stand in the way of the effort. If successful, judges Mark Cady, David Wiggins, Daryl Hecht, and Brent Appel would be removed.
Impeachment for Iowa Judges? [Advocate]

201012171614Co-equal branch of government? Why that's just crazy talk!

Judicial independence? Well not if it's too independent from the religious right's agenda!

Equal protection under the law, as prescribed by the state and federal constitution? But, but, but -- Leviticus. Or at least the parts not pertaining to shrimp or certain garments. Just the man-on-man stuff.

Acknowledgement of the fact that civil rights battles have always played out in the courts? Uh, yea, well -- Bob Vander Plaats told me that gays are hijacking the civil rights movement, so I don't need to hear any more!

Perhaps a concession that same-sex marriage has led to no negatives for the state? Not true! I could swear my gold, hetero wedding ring looks less lustrous than it did a year ago!

Belief that judges should be judged on careers and not one single opinion that one might not personally enjoy? Wait, you mean actually care about courts when there's no political issue at stank? As in read all those decisions? BO-RING! I have Christmas shopping to do!

Basic respect for the LGBT neighbor? Oh, please. What in my life tells me that I should refrain from casting stones or judging my neighbor? Pscha!

Acknowledgement that gay people have families too? But I don't have to spend time with those families. Hey, does anyone know what time "Modern Family" comes on?

A desire to end this ridiculous, contrived "culture war" over far-right drummed-up issues so that maybe we can come together as a nation and conquer actual problems? But then whatever will we use to fundraise, rally, and turn out the vote?

A unified Iowa in 2011? It's off to a very frustrating start!

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