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NOM looks to install next GOP head; Ted Olson unlikely candidate

by Jeremy Hooper

NOM-GOPWith a new Republican National Committee Chair on the possible horizon, the National Organization For Marriage is (A) belying the idea that they're a non-/bipartisan organization, and (B) working with their one chosen party to maintain a position that will weaken the tent every year from here on out. In fact, Maggie Gallagher herself will be participating in the upcoming RNC Chairman’s Debate (Jan. 3), and she and NOM plan to do everything within their myopic marital power to force the candidates to record their equality-centered ire for all the world to see:

There is tremendous pressure from inside-the-Beltway, establishment Republicans to water down the party’s commitment to marriage, compromising with gay marriage advocates or trying to sweep the issue under the rug in hopes that it will go away. But it isn’t going anywhere – not with a Supreme Court ruling likely looming in the next two years – and we need a RNC Chairman who is willing to make the case for marriage, religious liberty and the proper role of the judiciary, investing resources to advance the cause of marriage both nationally and at the state and local level all across the country.
Vote for Marriage in RNC Chairman’s Debate [NOM]

In short: Despite living in a world where financial woes have no foreseeable end, where war still rages, and where homefront debates run from merely divisive to more-rancorous-than-an-impromptu-Turducken-cookoff-at-a-PETA-company-outing, the National Organization For Marriage is looking for a GOP that will squander considerable funds, capital, good will, and assorted resources on nothing more than loving couples' legal commitments. No big shocker there, since NOM makes "Bridezillas" producers' focus on injecting drama into people's weddings look tame by comparison. But as non-shocking as this continued myopia may be, it does certainly get more anachronistic with every passing year. An anachronism that the GOP of 2011 will ignore at its own peril. If not for now, then for future recruitment among a young public that has Kurt and Blaine's "Baby It's Cold Outside" duet on constant rotation this holiday season.

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