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Yea NOM? It's just about marriage? Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.

by Jeremy Hooper

Thanks to the efforts of groups like the National Organization For Marriage, California doesn't currently have civil marriage equality for same-sex couples. And in order to make that and other bans happens, NOM and company always say that their ballot efforts are only about marriage. Period. Solo. "Protecting the sanctity" and all that jazz.

But now check this out. Today on NOM blog, the writer (credited only as "NOM staff") has posted a writeup and video clip dealing with nothing more than an inclusive nondiscrimination program in a California district's public schools. No marriage. Nothing to do with Prop 8 whatsoever. It's simply pro-diversity teaching that NOM finds contentious:

Vallejo parents who were upset at their children being exposed to indoctrination suggesting that all family forms are just the same were ignored by the school board, who ruled their children will be exposed without notification, without right to object.

"Whether You Like it Or Not" [NOM blog]
(H/t: Bob Barnes)

The stated goal may be marriage, but those of us who pay attention know that the "pro-family" agenda goes well beyond. When talking about the benign accommodation of the world's fully realized population in a way that's 100% under all state and federal law, there is both positive advocacy and its inverse. NOM is dragging the entire body public, not just the ring fingers.


ALSO: NOM's Jennifer Roback Morse attended a rally against the inclusive education. Brian Brown detailed it in a NOM e-blast:

After the trial ended [Morse] headed over to Vallejo, where an African-American church is organizing local parents to defeat the ACLU's efforts to prevent parents from opting out of a curriculum that includes "That's a Family!", a film designed to teach people that marriage doesn't really matter, and it certainly doesn't matter whether children have a mom and a dad, because all family forms are the same.

She noticed something I hadn't: "It was Prop 8 that brought these people together."

And speaking of all the colors of the rainbow, she says, that was the real rainbow crowd: "I attended a meeting at an African-American church up here in the Bay Area last evening. This group of parents included people of many races and Christian denominations."

As I read about their courageous fight to control their own kids' education, Mayor Gavin Newsom's famous last words were ringing in my ears. "Whether you like it or not"--that's the mantra of the gay marriage movement. ..

And see, that's another thing: These NOM folks will continue to find connections between marriage and all other aspects of the LGBT fight. That way they (think they) can justify their involvement.

It won't work!

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