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If 'domination' is your goal, NOM, have at it. We'll stick with education

by Jeremy Hooper

If by "dominates" NOM means "eats up the most amount of time using the same rhetorical talking points and unrelated asides that could never hold muster in an actual court of law (which is why you don't see Brian Brown on any witness stand)," then yes, perhaps this headline holds some merit:

Screen Shot 2011-02-27 At 5.15.22 Pm

But if you, the viewer, come from a perspective that values substance that can withstand the scrutiny of constitutional law, civil marriage conversations that stick to the subject at hand instead of an ancillary element like procreation, and scientific definitions of sexual orientation that don't call into question why the American Psychological Association shuts out obviously biased efforts to undermine their peer-reviewed work with "gays can change" agendas (something Fox News host Lauren Green suggests the APA should reconsider), then you might have a hard time putting a "W" in Mr. Brown's victory column. Have a look:

Brian seriously sounds like he's going to cry throughout much of it. Or like he's going to take his toys and go home. His tired, deceptive rants are not so much dictatorial or angry: Instead they are soaking in falsely-victimized, self-righteously whiny, undeniably preachy tones. And that's not a criticism of his performance, either, since that tone is EXACTLY the one that NOM has adopted as a strategy. The one they've carefully workshopped. The goal is to dominate the air time with rapid fire lists of concerns and supposed "horribles", conveyed though a falsely-shocked "can you believe what they're doing to us?" filter, in hopes that the viewers' sympathies will fall not with the gay man who wants so badly to marry his husband in his own home state, but rather with the already-married heterosexual man who quite literally profits from Sean Eldridge's knot tying inabilities.

This domination strategy probably works with some (especially on Fox News). But our money's ultimately on the team who cares not for domination, but rather coexistence.

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