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Marriage opponents getting more lax, more aggressive -- and more beneficial to us

by Jeremy Hooper

Mike McManus has written a beyond offensive column that uses ancient, flawed, even explicitly discredited research to push multiple far-right canards. Some snippets:

First, traditional marriage will be undermined morally. It is based on the principle of exclusivity, that one is to be faithful to one’s spouse for life. Of course adultery exists, but one study reports 80% of men and 86% of women G12C00000000000000095Dfdc6E803Ba1E5430C9F13E633Ae80Bfd24934have been faithful to their spouses for life.

By contrast, a 1978 study found that 75 percent of white, gay males claim to have had more than100 male sex partners. In fact 15 percent claimed over 500 partners and 28 percent said they have had more than 1,000!
Is this an atmosphere in which children should be raised? I think not. The media portrays gay marriages with children as normal. They are not.

Second, gay sex is physically harmful. “The medical consequences of gay promiscuity is that gays have a greatly increased likelihood of contracting HIV/AIDS, syphilis and other STDs,” writes Dr. John Diggs Jr. in “The Health Risks of Gay Sex,” published by the Corporate Resource Council.
There are also high rates of psychiatric illnesses including depression, drug abuse and suicide attempts among gays and lesbians.

The bottom line is that the life span of gay and bisexual men is 20 years less than heterosexuals, according to the only epidemiological study to date.

Therefore, it is inhumane to pass same-sex marriage laws and civil unions that will induce more people into this lifestyle. It will condemn hundreds of thousands to disease, mental illness and early death.
It is time to say that “gay marriage” is a fraud and extremely harmful.
FULL: First in Print: Why should one oppose gay marriage? [Daily Reporter]

McManus' piece is not anti-marriage equality: It's anti-LGBT, plain and simple. The claims he makes, all from skewed information that has either been debunked or objectively reconsidered over the years (with a differing HIV/AIDS picture obviously playing a major role), are the kinds of claims one only finds on the fringe of the gay "culture war." Surely we'd never see our more mainstream, "it's only about marriage" groups using this sweepingly hostile religious right mythology, right?


Screen Shot 2011-02-22 At 11.09.59 Am
[NOM Blog]

Keep it up, NOM. We're watching your ever-increasing journey to the land of Paul Cameron with great interest. We'll try our best to make sure Justice Anthony Kennedy sees it too.


*Interesting aside: McManus was one of the three columnists found to be on the Bush administration's "marriage-promoting" payroll. NOM's Maggie Gallagher was another (Armstrong Williams, the third).

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