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Friends 'til the end ('of society as we know it'): Brian Brown commiserates with Charles LiMandri

by Jeremy Hooper

Charles LiMandri, NOM's onetime general counsel and current cohost of a radio show alongside NOM's Jennifer Roback Morse, likes to claim that marriage equality = "the end of society as we know it":

But the above isn't his only "culture of death" entry. Chuck's also been known to create homo-hostile Powerpoint presentations that use uber-disgraced researcher Paul Cameron to support anti-gay claims -- claims that even refer to "sodomy" as a "crime against nature." Also during his time serving NOM, LiMandri referred to marriage equality as "societal suicide" and "sacrilege," claiming that "the destruction of the concept of gender is perhaps Satan's greatest accomplishment." And there was much more over-the-top stuff on the record, which Chuck revealed to us in an eight part video series (e.g. Gays are abused as kids; drawing pictures of army tanks could possibly turn gay kids "normal"; gays have a higher rate of violence; gays are incapable/nondesirous of monogamy.), but unfortunately the YouTuber who had posted those videos chose to yank them all.

So with hyperbole that over-the-top and offensive, many "pro-family" Christians might have qualms about appearing on Mr. LiMandri's radio show. But not Chuck's former colleague and close friend, National Organization For Marriage president Brian Brown, who was all about catering to Chuck's overheated rhetoric. Here's NOM's writeup of the appearance, and link to the audio (for those who feel like listening to the full hour -- for others, we'll have some clips later):

In a show titled "From the Front Lines of the Culture War" for the new Catholic Radio of San Diego, our friend Charles Limandri interviews NOM President Brian Brown.
Audio: Chuck LiMandri interviews Brian Brown [NOM Blog]

It's not a pragmatic booking, that's for sure. Though this kind of appearance is just par for the course for the increasingly incendiary (though just as secretive as always) NOM of spring 2011. They're now a troop that weaves fanciful tales about the gays who are "suffering" from homosexuality. A crew whose chair refers to homosexuality as "chosen behavior" -- behavior she calls "unfortunate." A company that tasks employees with taking photos intended to make the opposition look "crazy" and employs underground "SWAT" teams (seriously, that's the name they use!) to do dirty work. An ever-more-fringe organization that would rather tell us who and what we are rather than interact with the living, breathing, legally married gay people who call them on their shit. This new incarnation NOM is leaving "protect marriage" behind and going right for the overall anti-LGBT prize.

But okay, fine -- keep booking gigs like this one, B-dog. Whatever. We'd love this fight to end sooner rather than later.


*BTW: Chuck's "end of society" ad (the one at the beginning of this post) actually played during Brian's appearance. It's at the 25:48 mark, for those who choose to listen.

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