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NOM plans to 'fight back' on DOMA; oddly, giant mirror not their target

by Jeremy Hooper

So let's recap:

- In 1996, social conservatives implement DOMA as a way of stopping those darn gays from getting too rights-happy.

- Gay people remain slighted on a daily basis.

- Throughout the first decade of the 21st century, growing awareness and a handful of court decisions begin to show America how offensive DOMA and marriage inequality reality is. Gay people step up and push for what is rightfully theirs: Equality.

- Social conservative step up their attacks against LGBT people, turning "gay marriage" into the pet distraction of an otherwise troubled decade.

- Whenever a court decision goes in favor of equality, these same social conservatives write it off as "judicial activism." Whenever a political figure supports the LGBT population, they are discredited as "liberal elites."

- Gay people remain slighted on a daily basis.

- Eventually a couple of cases specifically pertaining to DOMA's (un)constitutionality make their way up the court system, proving to us that this flawed law (by now repudiated by people like sponsor Bob Barr and signer Bill Clinton) really is as wrong-headed as we always knew.

- In 2011, the Obama administration also agrees, ably articulating the complexities of the matter and ultimately dropping defense of DOMA.

- Social conservatives again go crazy, acting as if this crude law is the glue binding together our tenuous union. The National Organization For Marriage is at the front of this pack.

- Gay people remain slighted on a daily basis.

- Social conservatives push a Congress with so much on its plate to squander time and resources on defending this, a law that any honest legal watcher will tell you is inevitably going to go the way of the Dodo. GOP-controlled House retains pricy legal counsel, Paul Clement of King & Spalding.

- Social conservatives hold the first of a couple of hearings wherein people like Maggie "both gays and their straight supporters are 'committing several different kinds of very serious sins'" Gallagher tell us why, exactly, she is more entitled to marriage than her gay and lesbian neighbors.

- LGBT people continue to pause their lives in order to play defense -- defending families, rights, and mere existences from the never-ending anti-LGBT pressure of a heterosexist/homo-hostile America.

- Equality advocates' attempts at connecting the dots and opening eyes manages to win out on one matter: The law firm hired by House Republicans, King & Spalding, pulls out. This leads the man tasked with the defense, Former Bush administration Solicitor General Paul Clement, to resign from the firm and join another one founded by a fellow Bush administration official so that he can keep representing the House on this discriminatory waste of time and resources.

- The fight to end the discriminatory DOMA goes on.

- Gay people remain slighted on a daily basis.

And yet the National Organization For Marriage still has the nerve to accuse gay people of being the hateful intimidators in this conversation, with the professional aggressors yet again turning their faux persecution into a fundraiser:

Screen Shot 2011-04-25 At 7.29.36 Pm
FULL POST: Stand Up Against the Hateful Tactics of SSM Groups! [NOM]

Clearly NOM's still taking cues from that historic court case: Schoolyard Bully vs. Smaller Kid Whose Lunch Money Was Intimidating to The Point of Distraction. So unfortunate.

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