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Know your NY opposition: Jews For Decency edition

by Jeremy Hooper

If you saw any coverage of the recent "Mayday For Marriage" rally in Albany, then you certainly saw this group, who call themselves "Jews For Decency":

[PHOTO SOURCE: Legislative Gazette]
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This group was out in force, front and center at the Albany rally. Standing against civil rights for gay New Yorkers. Standing with their pals at the New Yorker's Research Foundation and with rally speakers like state senators Ruben Diaz, Sr. and Marty Golden.

So that being the case, we thought we'd take a sec and give you some insight into how this "protect marriage" group views us, our supporters, and the equality fight in general. For that, let us show you some snips from a piece the Jews For Decency wrote back in February of 2010, when D.C. was having a similar debate to the one NY is having right now. As you will see, the organizational goal was not just to oppose civil marriage parity, but to also position equality activists as an all-out corruptive force seeking "infiltration" of the entire government. Oh, and to also imply that the then-recently-deceased Ten Kennedy was "paradigm-shifted" into hell. Take a look:

"A fish rots from its head."
And a Nation rots from its Capitol.
Those intent on purging the US government of men of Biblical principles have certainly chosen a choice target. By creating a gay-"marriage"-friendly environment in DC, they will, over time, be able to insidiously and *incrementally* erode the Biblically-mandated aversion to homosexual behavior among elected and other government officials.

Imagine what will happen. Even Bible-Belt congressmen will be invited to social events where they will encounter homosexual doubles (they are not actually "couples").They will be led to look at the deviants as "just like everyone else."

And the political leaders will be treated to the professional performances of the deceptionist deviants. "Loving families", "monogamous relationships", and the host of hollywood-choreographed myths will be promenaded as ontological reality.

Who knows, maybe that venerable actor, New-Jersey "Equality"'s Steven Goldstein, will even be carpet-bag-forwarded over to DC. There he may rehabilitate himself - after he failed to move NJ to gay-marriage with his battery of professionally-rehearsed sob-stories, enacted by a horde of unconvincing LGBT "victims."

The political leaders of DC will gradually experience shifting attitudes, and shifting views, and eventually policy shifts - all in the wrong direction.

They will hire homosexualists, eventually allowing infiltration to the highest levels of their staff.

They will associate with such types, and their sympathizers - socially, financially, and eventually, politically.

Consequently, their views and attitudes on a *panapoly* of issues will shift. In truth, we should ask ourselves: how many same-gender-'marriage' advocates actually see straight on any major issue of contention - moral or otherwise?

Doesn't abandoning the most fundamental of standards have an ideological impact across the board? Once one abandons the Ultimate Source of standards - the Almighty, His Word, and His gift of Reason - one loses the very means to arrive at any reliably valid conclusions.

Clearly, a thoughtful analysis strongly suggests that if DC does fall, G-d forbid, to homosexualist matrimony, eventually, the entire nation will be "Paradigm-Shifted" ( - straight to the same locality in which Ted Kennedy has, of late, taken up his rightful position).
FULL PIECE: Gays in Washington, DC [JewsForDecency.org]

*And another, this one against DADT repeal: Gays in the Military [JewsForDecency.org

In summation: This group's definition of decency is dependent on the subjugation of LGBT people. That's not an overstatement: They fully admit that this is not just about marriage, but rather about preventing the "deviants" from having any say, much less influence, in this country's directional future. They say that we will "rot" the larger body if left unchecked.

Is this the 201105261039? Really?

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