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Reminder: The NY eyebrow-raisers go waaaay beyond the NOM/Diaz rally

by Jeremy Hooper

Since the National Organization For Marriage/ Sen. Ruben Diaz, Sr. rally in the Bronx has completely blown the lid off just how far New York state's organized anti-equality community would like to take the "protect marriage" goal, we want to take a second and remind you that the uber-incendiary rhetoric is not at all confined to this weekend's event. Namely, we want to turn back to the Rev. Jason McGuire, the head of the state's leading group opposing on this issue. Today, Focus on the Family says this about McGuire:

The Rev. Jason McGuire is halfway through a 19-day bus trip crisscrossing New York. His goal? To remind his fellow residents that marriage matters.

He challenges attendees: “The next generation will ask of ours, ‘Where were you when they tried to redefine marriage?’ What will we say to future generations?”

McGuire is the president of the New Yorker’s Family Research Foundation, which launched its “Mayday for Marriage” campaign on May 1 in hopes of protecting marriage in the Empire State.
Marriage Under Attack in New York, Rhode Island [Focus on the Family]

But what FOtF doesn't tell you? That Rev. McGuire isn't just waiting to talk to the next generation. In fact, he has put all kinds of overreaching/eye-opening things on record for this generation, the likes of which go WAAAAAAAAAAY beyond "protecting marriage." Have a listen:

Likening same-sex marriage to child abuse before going on a wholly Biblically-based tangent for why he opposes *CIVIL* marriage equality for a career:

"When a child grows up under an abusive father,
it is very difficult for the child to grow up to understand
a loving heavenly father. My fear is that what
happens culturally, with the issue of same-sex marriage, is...
a generation from now we look back
and it will be that much more difficult for a
generation of young people that have grown up
to look back and recognize the relationship between
Christ and the church.

2011.03.27 Rev. Jason McGuire, CEO
[Big Flats Wesleyan Church of Elmira, NY]

Blaming this whole conversation on Satan himself:

"Your ultimate enemy is a spiritual enemy -- Satan.
That's where this lie is coming from

2011.03.27 Rev. Jason McGuire, CEO
[Big Flats Wesleyan Church of Elmira, NY]

Admitting the ultimate goal: "Saving" lawmakers from an eternity in hell:

"When we're talking about a Senator Duane
or an Assemblyman O'Donnell who's sponsoring same-sex marriage,
we're not only talking about a legislator
that is taking a position against God's word,

but a legislator who, if they die without Jesus Christ,
dies without a home in Heaven and an eternity in Hell

[SOURCE: FLN News, 4/16/09]

2011.03.27 Rev. Jason McGuire, CEO
[Big Flats Wesleyan Church of Elmira, NY]

This is your New York opposition, folks. If we who are making the case for *CIVIL* equality lose out to this, then we will have nothing to blame but our own lack of ability to connect the right dots!


*EARLIER: Sights and sounds from the truly disturbing NOM/Diaz rally:

Photos from the rally

Presiding pastor says "Those who practice such things are worthy to death"

Preacher says 'breaking traditional marriage' will bring 'judgement and wrath of God'

Sen. Ruben Diaz' wife, Leslie Diaz, calls gays an 'abomination' and bases all opposition in her faith

NOM/Diaz rally speaker: Protect the family from Ricky Martin/the gates of hell

NOM's Brian Brown gives skewed, wholly religious speech

About that other group with a huge on-site presence, TFP

About that NOM/Diaz human chain

They were all just so -- happy

NOM-financed flyer supporting the event

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