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TFP had *HUGE* presence at NOM/Diaz Bronx rally. Here's why that matters

by Jeremy Hooper

TFP-bronx-rally-diaz-nomToday in the Bronx, at the National Organization For Marriage/Ruben Diaz rally that was a complete and utter PR disaster for anyone who pretends the "protect marriage" opposition is truly concerned with civil rights and not religious condemnation of LGBT people, the so-called American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family, and Property (TFP) had a major presence. The group actually headed the processional march to the rally. Then, at said rally, where they stood on the stairs front and center, the group led the crowd in rousing renditions of tunes like "God Bless America." And throughout both the march and rally, TFP members were passing out this pamphlet:

Screen Shot 2011-05-15 At 3.41.53 Pm

So let's start with that lil' pamphlet. If you read it," you will see that flat-out goes waaaaay beyond marriage and instead cuts right into gay existences themselves, encouraging gays to "change" ("non-genetic and changeable behavior," they label our sexual orientations) so as not to "offend God" or "violate natural law." This was the on-site reading material for the day!!

But wait, there's more! When TFP launched its current marriage focus, spokesperson John Richie called civil marriage equality "morally wrong, sinful, offensive to God and a violation of natural law and "a flat denial of reality." He then claimed equality activists were seeking to "banish God and His law from the public square."

The group also denies pro-equality Catholics of their faith, saying that sizable (majority?) contingent is supportive of the "culture of death":

You can’t be both Catholic and Pro-Homosexual

Two emotionally charged parents stopped to discuss the issue. “We’re good Catholics. Our son is gay and it’s not wrong. You want us to hate our son?” A TFP volunteer explained how one must hate the sin, but love the sinner. “We must hate the sin, love the sinner and pray that your son returns to the path of virtue.”

The parents disagreed: “No. We don’t hate the sin. Our priest told us it’s OK.”
“Catholic teaching is very clear. You cannot be a good Catholic and support homosexual acts,” replied the TFP member. “Homosexuality is like abortion, it’s part of the culture of death.”

And of course they like to reduce us to violent foes of God, again with the "culture of death" label attached:

"It just highlighted the fact that those who preach tolerance -- who subscribe to the culture of death, the homosexual lifestyle -- when it comes to God's law and natural law, they behave in an intolerant fashion even to the point of violence," says Ritchie.
Promoters of 'tolerance' exhibit opposite during rally [ONN]

Also, TFP produces videos like this one (posted under the name "catholicmilitant"), where supporters compare homosexuality to drug addiction:

Or for more insight into the group's views, just check out the "politically incorrect" section of the group's website where they proudly post truly nasty pieces like this:

Screen Shot 2011-03-22 At 12.12.20 Pm

Obvious conclusion: TFP is not a "protect marriage" campaign -- it's anti-gayness at its most heated. And there is not even the beginning of a pretense regarding civil marriage vs. personal religious belief/ceremony.

Which is fine. Let the National Organization For Marriage lend its name to a rally where this groups has such a massive presence. We just hope NOM will be just as eager to embrace TFP and its supporters when the next ballot campaign rolls around. Because personally, we think a "gays will corrupt kids into thinking they're attracted to frogs" ad might be quite effective :

Effective for us, that is.


*EARLIER: Photos from the rally

NOM-financed flyer supporting the event

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