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Video: Today's North Carolina rally, in full

by Jeremy Hooper

Courtesy of


2:42: "Set North Carolina on a correct moral standard"

5:10: Politicians' marriage and pro-choice votes threatened by citing Romans I.

5:49: "There is no separation of church and state"

8:02: "We may make it legal but we will never make it right." To which we reply: "Only asking for the former, could not care less about your personal opinion regarding the latter!"

10:08: Enter the Forresters. Reminder: In 2008, Mary Frances Forrester wrote an Op-Ed so wildly inaccurate and offensive, that even the Christian Action League, the group that had posted it, was forced to acknowledge some (but not all) of the misrepresentations. Mr. Forrester is a state senator.

10:43: "Liberal judge" -- everyone drink!

14:10: "unhealthy and unnatural lifestyle," seconds after denying hate could ever be a factor.

14:38: "the radical element of 1% of our population destroy the universal definition of marriage and alter the course of civilization." Hear that, near-half of the population that even conservative polls show as supporting marriage equality? You are all apparently "radical."

16:06: Ms. Forrester wants everyone to read GLMA's health documents. So please, by all means: Gay men/ Lesbians

16:20(ish): Joyous shaming of gay men for the fact that AIDS, in this country, hit their community earliest and hardest. Oh, and with the sort of homo-hostile negligence that turned something containable into an international crisis. (Go see The Normal Heart)

17:05: Forrester threatens that marriage equality will drive a deeper wedge between gays and those who are "forced to subsidize and/or celebrate homosexuality."

18:17-19:00: "Judges, judges, judges, judges." If playing the drinking game, remember to pace yourself.

22:25: Right, it's their side that's suffering the "ugly attack" here. Mmm Hmm. Sure.

25:23: Oh look, it's Tony Perkins. Wonder if he will again say we are "held captive by the enemy." Or maybe again liken us to terrorists.

30:05: Okay, ready, Tony! Mock "bloggers and tweeters" all you want, but you know you hate that we catch you saying all of this off-message stuff that, in an earlier era, would've gone under the radar, but in our age will stick to your name like yellow on saffron rice.

33:26: Decrying both "activist judges" and "elites." A twofer, nice!

37:44: A little pitchy, dawg. But you made it your own. We'll see if America keeps you around for another week.

42:40: The most egregious thing the opposition does: Acts as if there is no debate to even be had, since they are simply "taking a stand for one book." This stops all conversation, always. it's offensive to the debate.

44:53: Asking legislature to honor God and the Bible.

46:00: "God's people" vow to "contend."

47:51: "Explain to our kids"? Uh, look at the polls, brother -- they might be explaining it to you!

51:23: "You can't wear us out because we are divinely enabled." With excessive pride, hubris, and self-satisfaction, perhaps.

56:45: "A shout to frighten the Devil"; follow through at 58:39.

"God gave us sunshine for this rally"

1:04:55: Portrait of diversity.

1:08:10: Did you hear that? The mention of buses? That's the game at these things: Bus supporters in to heighten numbers.


*EARLIER: About that guy who planned the whole thing: Today, Rev. Baity is rallying in NC. Responsible NC media must note how far beyond marriage his fight really goes! [G-A-Y]

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