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Matt Barber again confuses puffed up prose for factuality, again changes nothing

by Jeremy Hooper

Over the weekend, Matt Barber essentially warned New York of impending torment, tweeting "Dark days ahead for NY...Buckle in. Rough ride Ahead." Now the Christian college dean applies his penchant for hyperbole to the President's marital views, saying to the American Family Association (SPLC "hate group"):

"Legitimate marriage can no more evolve into counterfeit same-sex marriage than a protein molecule from a mud puddle can evolve into a human being."
[SOURCE: AFA's One News Now site]

Okay first, a practical point: Marriage itself is not the focus of the evolution. When the President or gay activists talk about his evolution, the topic is Barack Obama's personal views on the subject. Civil marriage has already proven itself evolved enough to handle the simple concept of accommodating all citizens regardless of sexual orientation. Gay couples have proven themselves fit enough to survive the process.

But that out of the way: (Twice married) Matt Barber can deny evolution all he wants. He can write off our marriages as "counterfeit," and self-gratifyingly embolden his own with words like "legitimate." We could not more fully support his right to steward his energy and intellect into whatever personal notion he holds dear, from Creationism to wedding registries that are gendered in the way he sees fit. But he does not have the right -- does. not. have. the. right. -- to turn his linguistic exercises into public policy.

Science follows a burden far greater than a Liberty University instructor's preconceived lesson plan -- so too, civil marriage.


*MORE: While we're on the subject, let's look at some of the other bits o'charm that Matt's put on record. There was the time Matt said that gay male relationships constitute "one man violently cramming his penis into another man’s lower intestine and calling it ‘love’”; the time Matt called President Barack Obama an anti-american enemy; the time he accused Obama and Barney Frank of being anti-religious bigots; the time he suggested there are "sinister motives" in the Obama White House; the time he agreed with TVC's Andrea Lafferty that homosexuality is "among a litany of...sexual deviances" that include things like sex with an amputee's stump and sexual behavior involving feces and urine; the time he likened pro-equality progressives to Fred "God Hates F*gs" Phelps; the time he referred to marriage equality advocates as "purveyors of evil"; the time he compared gay unions to marrying a house plant; the time he said Ellen Degeneres "guides her many adoring housewife fans into rebellion against God's divine and explicit natural order"; the time he called Google "satanic" for supporting marriage equality; the time he accused gay-friendly media outlets of trying "to make the absurd appear reasonable and normal"; the time he referred to the Muslim faith as "Satanic";etc., etc. More than just about anyone in the "pro-family" world (with the possible exception of Bryan Fisher), Matt has made the choice to go as personal, as negative, as hyperbolic, and as wantonly hurtful as humanly inhumanely possible. He does this on the daily.

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