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Video: In which Jim Garlow offends gays, New Yorkers, Americans

by Jeremy Hooper

Jim Garlow was a major force in the Prop 8 campaign. He's also very cozily aligned with the National Organization for Marriage. And this past Friday, while speaking at something called the Faith and Freedom conference, the "protect marriage" darling gave a speech wherein he compared gay people's marriages and families to tragedies on par with 9/11:

[ThinkProgress LGBT]

For those keeping score: This is the first self-professed "values" conservative of the week to liken LGBT lives and loves and families to some sort of tragedy/ natural disaster/ annoyance like morning breath or restless legs syndrome. And this one even before I've had my first cup of coffee. Ugh -- Mondays.


*SEE ALSO: A text/audio/video roundup of some of Garlow's many other overheated condemnations

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