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Audio: To 'discredit' pro-science voices, FRC turns to discredited junk science

by Jeremy Hooper

And now the latest example of Christian conservatives "defending" the GOP's most visible presidential candidate, Rep. Michele Bachmann (Very Far R-MN), by more fully pushing discredited anti-science. This time it's GOP-entrenched Family Research Council, working with an assist from NARTH, the key group that the religious right has created in order to echo the preconceived script within the "pro-family" chamber:

[SOURCE: FRC's Washington Watch Weekly]

Actually, that 2009 APA report that Ms. Hamilton references determined that "ex-gay" practices are "unlikely to be successful and involve some risk of harm." And when the researchers did find reports of "success," this was almost exclusively due to the person's religious beliefs and personal choices (with most still reporting same-sex attractions, according to the report), not any sort of factuality. So even though this data hasn't stopped the far-right from so egregiously lying about the report, the lies do not change the findings themselves!

I continue to believe that while groups like FRC -- so near and dear to the GOP, in general, and to Bachmann, in particular in so many ways -- might think they are helping matters, there are many politically-minded pollsters and strategists within Camp Bachmann who are simply cringing at this "defense" that they are offering up. I for one welcome this conversation in the 2012 general, as we've already won it.


**So about those GOP entrenchments: House Speaker Boehner, House Majoriyy Leader. Eric Cantor, Virginia AG Cucinelli, Rep. Vicky Hartzler, Rep. Steve King, Rep. (and GOP prez candidate) Ron Paul, and Sen. (and GOP prez candidate) Rick Santorum have already confirmed for FRC's 2011 Values Voters Summit. Every other GOP primary candidate has been invited, and, if history is any guide, all or at least most of them will show up to woo the crowd.

And of course it was just a month ago that Tony Perkins spoke at a prominent GOP conference, right smack between two of the GOP's biggest stars: Rep. Paul Ryan and Rep. Michele Bachmann herself!

So it's easy to see FRC as fringe because their rhetoric most surely is. But fringe doesn't mean outside the Republican tent. FRC is very much an inside player -- the kind that can apparently get RNC Chair Reince Priebus on the phone just like that.

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