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It wasn't just Manhattan: How NOM took on 'perverted and twisted' homosexuality in Buffalo

by Jeremy Hooper

I've already told you about one of the National Organization For Marriage's Buffalo point people, NOM RI director Christopher Plante. Now on to a second leader of yesterday's "let the people vote" stop in Albany: Rev. Jason Mcguire, head of the New Yorkers For Constitutional Freedoms lobby group.

In covering McGuire's leadership role at yesterday's event, Buffalo News gives us these two quips:

"I liken it to the fight over abortion the last 35 years. It hasn't gone away," said the Rev. Jason McGuire, head of New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms, an evangelical church group that was the face of the gay marriage opposition at the Capitol last month.
"One of the strategies of the proponents was to infiltrate the Republican Party. They did. We want to send a message that there is a cost for voting for same-sex marriage in the Republican Party," McGuire said.
yesterday's New York-wide National Organization For Marriage rallies and the people leading them [Buff News]

The comments are measured and focused on the politics. Because that's what these leaders do when speaking to the media, legislatures, or other outlets.

But having covered McGuire for some time, I know that he delivers a much different message to his base (i.e. the folks NOM is hoping to rally with the "let the people vote" theme). Messaging that likens a marriage equality culture to child abuse, positions the civil marriage fight as one against "a spiritual enemy -- Satan," and says that marriage supporters like Assemblyman O'Donnell and Sen. Tom Duane (both openly gay) are headed straight to Hades:

"When a child grows up under an abusive father,
it is very difficult for the child to grow up to understand
a loving heavenly father. My fear is that what
happens culturally, with the issue of same-sex marriage, is...
a generation from now we look back
and it will be that much more difficult for a
generation of young people that have grown up
to look back and recognize the relationship between
Christ and the church.

2011.03.27 Rev. Jason McGuire, CEO
[Big Flats Wesleyan Church of Elmira, NY]

"Your ultimate enemy is a spiritual enemy -- Satan.
That's where this lie is coming from

2011.03.27 Rev. Jason McGuire, CEO
[Big Flats Wesleyan Church of Elmira, NY]

"When we're talking about a Senator Duane
or an Assemblyman O'Donnell who's sponsoring same-sex marriage,
we're not only talking about a legislator
that is taking a position against God's word,

but a legislator who, if they die without Jesus Christ,
dies without a home in Heaven and an eternity in Hell

[SOURCE: FLN News, 4/16/09]

Oh, and Under McGuire's leadership in the days leading up to the legislature's marriage vote, NYCF distributed church bulletin inserts that called homosexuality "perverted & twisted" and said that it will lead to the "destruction of your immortal soul." Translation: It's not really about marriage for his team. At least not only.

This is all now part of NOM, the nation's preeminent group keeping the same-sex marriage debate going in American politics. It's time we all take them on their words -- the ones they are proudly dishing, not the ones they are strategically spinning!

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