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We don't need LGBT-inclusive education, says person who pushes 'ex-gay'-inclusive 'education'

by Jeremy Hooper

As part of her duties at Focus on the Family, Candi Cushman leads the so-called "Day of Dialogue," an annual school event meant to discredit the pro-inclusivity/anti-bullying Day of Silence. And as part of the "Day of Dialogue" prep materials, Candi and company instruct participating students to see gays as "broken" and "changeable":

Screen Shot 2011-07-08 At 8.50.02 Am
Screen Shot 2011-07-08 At 8.50.15 Am
Screen Shot 2011-07-08 At 8.51.44 Am
[Day of Dialogue]

But never mind her own efforts to muddy the sexual orientation waters with scientifically discredited views. When it comes to the FAIR Education Act, a California bill designed to bring forth the oft overlooked accomplishments of LGBT Americans, Candi is all kinds of against those who are pushing "sexual choices" into public school:

“I think we send the wrong message to children when we start singling out people in history books based on their sexual characteristics or choices,” Cushman said. “After all, Benjamin Franklin is in history books because he discovered electricity — not because of his sexual choices.

“What we should be teaching kids is what we have in common as Americans — that we are all created equal and have unalienable rights — that people are worthy of celebration in history books because of their historical, worthy accomplishments, regardless of how they identify sexually or otherwise.”

California Mandates Promotion of Homosexuality in Public Schools [FOtF Citizenlink]

Right, Candi. Except for the fact -- THE. FACT! -- that on a daily basis, you work to paint gays as uncommon. For a job, you do this! Without counter efforts like these, then no, there surely wouldn't be such a strong need to highlight these underrepresented stories. But since we do live in an America where groups like Focus on the Family have taken it upon themselves to stigmatize and marginalize in any way they know how, we who don't see LGBT people as wrong or broken or innately immoral do need a strong effort to combat the misinformation. To protect kids, we need this.

Oh, and as for historical figures "sexual choices"? Well true, most of us didn't go through school learning John Adams' fetishes or about if George Washington's libido was as wooden as his teeth. But what we did learn about? These figures spouses. And relationships. And families. And sometimes, extramarital affairs. So by extension, yes, we did learn about the spoils and byproducts of their sexual orientations. We LGBT folks want, nay, demand the same acknowledgement of our benign normalcies!

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