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NOM supporting (and fundraising around) what even GOP star Chris Christie called 'disturbing'

by Jeremy Hooper

She actually said this:


And she made comparisons like this:


Oh, and she quite pointedly said that this is what she herself TEACHES:

(full comments on Scribd, via Garden State Equality)

It should be obvious why these comments would raise some eyebrows. And considering that a public school teacher quite plainly said that this is the stuff she teaches, then it should be understandable why these comments would present a reason for further investigation by her employers. Heck, even conservative governor Chris Christie called for as much!!

But put all of this through the unbelievably deceptive self-victimization machine that is the National Organization for Marriage, and this is how it comes out:

Meanwhile in New Jersey, a public school teacher posted her objections to celebrating Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender History month in her public school. Gay-marriage advocates are demanding she be fired. An "investigation" has been launched.

"She has a right to say it. But she does not have a right to keep her job after saying it," one former public official said.

What did Viki Knox say?

She did not call any person a name. She specifically called for kind and loving treatment of gay people and said that's the way she treated gay people in her life. She said she believed that homosexuality is a sign of a "perverted spirit" of this age.

Turning against the spirit of what God asks of us, she meant. Sin, she said, "breeds like cancer."

This week, for her sins, the Human Rights Campaign delivers 75,000 signatures—hardly any from her school district of course—demanding that the board act against Viki.

Thanks to your help, NOM was there at the protest in Union County, and in the next few days we'll be releasing new video footage from the protest so that you can see (through the mainstream media-haze) what these protestors really want.

Getting the word out with original videos isn't cheap. Please help us stand up for Viki and for others in her shoes by making a donation to NOM today! $5, $10, or, if you can afford it - $100 will help us leap over the MSM's biased coverage and stand up for truth and love.

The intense national public campaign to get Viki fired is another very bad sign about the intentions of gay-marriage advocates, a sign of the kind of America they believe "equality" requires.

Of course gay teens in public schools should be treated with respect. As a Christian I never forget that Christ died for each and every one of those souls. Children who bully one another need to be instructed, to be taught manners and morals.

But for the gay-marriage movement, at this point respect is not enough.

It's not a level playing field. It's second-class citizenship for Christians and other traditional faith communities.

Just a few years ago a gay teacher could have been fired. Now a Bible-believing Christian has to be "in the closet" or get fired.

Forcing Christians Into the Closet? NOM Marriage News, October 21, 2011 [NOM]

Oh yeah -- poor, innocent Viki, newest victim/ fundraising opportunity. Just like FL public school teacher Jerry Buell, who said gays make him want to vomit and are part of a "cesspool," and who NOM then declared a hero, made the star of an "anti-defamation" video, and defended by saying the school's investigation amounted to a "fatwa" and "jihad". Because they are always the innocents in their responsibility-shirking world, and gays they awful people who deserve the harshest light, onus, and labels that "pro-family" values will allow.

It's clearly only a matter of time before NOM creates a similar "anti-defamation" video for/with Viki. When they do, they will only continue to embarrass themselves.

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