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FRC endorses Cindy Golding; Married gay Iowans brace for more dead Osama comparisons

by Jeremy Hooper

Screen Shot 2011-11-07 At 8.49.21 Am Over the weekend, the Family Research Council joined the National Organization For Marriage in offering an official endorsement to Iowa Republican Cindy Golding in her quest for a state Senate seat. Both groups are getting into this hyperlocal race for one reason and one reason only: Because they hope if Golding triumphs over Democrat Liz Mathis is tomorrow's special election, she will put the state's benign, peaceful, court-tested marriage equality before a public referendum. FRC and NOM (neither based in Iowa) are throwing loads of cash and capital at the one state race.

So that being the case, I'd like to now show Ms. Golding what she is getting with these groups. For that, let's turn to some truly mind-blowing comments that FRC Senior Fellow Ken Blackwell just contributed to World magazine:

#1: Repealing DOMA would treat marriage like the dead body of Osama bin Laden:

"The Obama administration is lending support to Congress in an effort to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act. The president, instead, is backing something called the "Respect Marriage Act." The latter measure, quite simply, would abolish marriage. While calling for "respect" in the Orwellian sense, it would offer true marriage the same "respect" President Obama showed to the body of Osama bin Laden-a hasty burial at sea after summarily being put to death."

#2: Repealing DOMA would exacerbate a "calamity" on par with Jim Crow and slavery:

"I would appeal to the president to remember Tennessee in 1866. In that first year after the Civil War, thousand more marriages were recorded. Thousands of freedmen and freedwomen walked hundreds of miles to have their marriages legally sanctioned. Many of these former slaves were barefoot, but they wanted desperately to achieve what had been so long and so unjustly denied them: marriage as God had designed it. After slavery, after Jim Crow, the worst calamity ever to befall black Americans has been the loss of marriage in our culture.

President Obama! Remember Tennessee! Defend the Defense of Marriage Act!


This is the kind of thing that Iowans (even Iowan conservatives) want to exalt? The focus voters deserve at this crucial time in American history? The kind of rhetoric that betters the state? The kinds of comparisons that "prove" this marriage fight isn't about animus towards same-sex Iowans?

Careful what you cultivate, Cindy Golding. Electoral lucre can have a way of biting back.


*MORE FOOD FOR THOUGHT, MS. GOLDING: FRC is an organization that positions gays as kid-threatening disasters in need of "ex-gay" therapy, churns out brochures that compare same-sex marriages to those bonds which might exist between a man and a horse (complete with horse photo), directly likens us to terrorists, calla LGBT rights a battle of "good versus evil," says DADT repeal proponents are "willing to jeopardize our nation’s security to advance the agenda of the radical homosexual lobby," claims gay teens kill themselves because they know that they're "abnormal," says the gay activists who challenge FRC are "held captive by the enemy," writes that same-sex marriage will be "opening the door to all manner of moral and social evil, tweets that gays don't need to "be a slave to feelings," fundraises around the idea that gay kids are immoral and telling them otherwise is "disgusting,"and calls on U.S. gays to be either "exported" or criminalized (to name just a few examples).

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