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NOM affiliate defends 'children…who have been taken from their parents'; offends many

by Jeremy Hooper

There are any number of adoption agencies focused on heterosexual parents. There are also a number of adoption agencies whose ability to limit their services to only opposite-sex couples has become a socially conservative cause célèbre. But leave it to National Organization For Marriage affiliate leader Jennifer Roback Morse (head of NOM's Ruth Institute) to overlook all that and go after, an effort to encourage adoption among the LGB community:

Screen Shot 2011-11-15 At 6.22.25 Am
A friend sent me photos of street light posters he saw lining the streets of Hollywood. These posters were recruiting foster and adoptive parents in honor of National Adoption Month. What could be better than trying to recruit more foster and adoptive parents?

But my friend noticed something odd: there were absolutely no mothers in any of these posters. All posters featured pairs of men, smiling with their adoptive African American children.

What I want to know is this: Why aren’t we recruiting stable heterosexual married couples to be foster parents? After all, we know for sure that children do best in married couple low-conflict households. Same sex parenting is an untried social experiment. Parenting by male couples is especially unstudied, since it is exceedingly uncommon. Even the very pro-gay researchers Judith Stacey, could find only one study comparing gay male parenting with heterosexual couples that qualified for inclusion in her comprehensive survey of gay parenting studies.
Hollywood is looking for a few gay men [Ruth Institute]

The gist of Morse's entire post: That gays are unfit parents, the real-life families in the campaign posters (including comedian Alec Mapa and his family) are nothing more than recruitment tools, and the whole thing is somehow a slap in the face of people who want to limit our world to befit their whims.

Oh, and in a truly disturbing turn that's unfortunately not uncommon among NOM staffers, Morse is also working to stir up animus within the African-American community, with language that must be read to be believed:

And look at the children in these posters. I wonder what the African-American community thinks about recruiting gay men to become foster parents for the children of their community who have been taken from their parents. Do the African-American pastors have any thoughts and opinions about this? I imagine they do. But I will let them speak for themselves.

"Children of their community who have been taken from their parents"?!! TAKEN?!? Do you hear what she's saying here? Do you realize what she's trying to do? Do you understand this as yet another deliberate attempt to divide certain groups for the sake of socially conservative gain? And do you realize it's all financed by NOM? Unreal!

The more the NOM crowd engages, the more they show their hands. The more they show their hands, the more America sees the overreaching face-slaps for what they are. The more America sees the pointed aggression, the earlier we win.

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