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'When are you getting married already?': Fine question for Mother Cuomo, not Nanny NOM!

by Jeremy Hooper

For the third or fourth time that I know of, the National Organization For Marriage is going abjectly personal against Gov. Cuomo, faulting his policy views based on his personal relations:

Okay, so at least now we know why Andrew Cuomo did it.

A guy living with his girlfriend in the governor's mansion naturally thinks it's no big deal to twist arms and break rules and ride roughshod over voters in his rush to redefine marriage—not when he can cash in on the proceeds and ride that gravy train to the White House in 2016.


Well I applaud NOM for predicting the Democratic governor's good White House chances for '16. Too early to say anything for certain, but I do like my Governor. I can see myself supporting his theoretical candidacy in four years. So yeah -- thanks NOM for helping us see that likeliness.

But as for the other thing, the continued attempts to dig into his bedroom drawer to see if he's yet purchased an engagement ring for Sandra Lee? So gross! What, because Gov. Cuomo understands the reasons for and importance of civil marriage equality under the law, he (who has been married before) is required to utilize his own freedom to marry? His own readiness somehow invalidates his understanding of constitutional law?! Bullcrappy!

NOM's agenda-laden insistence to keep working this "point" just shows how personal NOM is willing to get, even as they claim "defamation" anytime an equality activists brings up reasoned concerns against other's discriminatory views. If the Governor was condemning others who live together in arrangements other than marriage, then they'd have a point. But he's not. The Governor, unlike the "values" crowd, is supporting FREEDOM. There's no hypocrisy here. Gov. Cuomo's not saying one thing and living another: He's saying that New York law should respect its same-sex and opposite-sex couples equally. Equal, not required!


*On the flip side, many of us have questioned why NOM's own Maggie Gallagher doesn't wear a wedding ring, never mentions her own husband, etc. While even that comes with its own senstitivies, these questions are completely fair. Maggie, unlike Gov. Cuomo, is demanding that marriage is one certain, limited thing which should be celebrated loudly and often. The wedding ring is the symbol of her movement. She has made a career out of looking people like me and my husband, who proudly celebrate our marriage publicly and openly, and telling us that we are wrong, unfit, and deserved of inequality. That she (who has no problem going in depth about her own life in her stump speeches) takes no opportunity to show an example culled from her own life is a pertinent and valid story/question!

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