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Don Wildmon still holding out; for Gingrich '12, if not Pat Robertson '88

by Jeremy Hooper

Even though the social conservatives came out of their big weekend powwow with Santorum as their candidate, there seems to still be dissension in the ranks. This statement, fDon-Wildmon-1rom American Family Association founder Don Wildmon, comes from Newt Gingrich's campaign website:

Atlanta, GA - Gingrich Faith Leaders Coalition National Co-Chair Don Wildmon released this statement today:

Perhaps you have heard a rumor that I have changed my support from Newt Gingrich for President to another candidate. I want you to know that is not true. To suggest that I have switched my support is inaccurate.

Without question, this election is the most important in the history of our nation. Our culture has become saturated with corruption and immorality. I firmly believe the future not only of our nation but all of Western Civilization is at stake. Voters in South Carolina will help decide if we can return our nation to its Judeo-Christian roots, or continue to slide down the slippery slope?

In the past, Christian conservatives have split their votes among three or four candidates. This has allowed the moderate-liberal wing of the Republican Party to capture the nomination. It appears we might do the same thing again.

The only way to prevent this from happening is for evangelical Christians to stick together and vote for the same person. I have decided to support Newt Gingrich and I hope you will rally behind him. I believe that the former Speaker of the House is the best qualified electable conservative candidate to make the changes needed in Washington.

If conservatives split their vote three ways, then liberal-moderate candidate Romney is a cinch to win.

I fully realize there are other very good candidates in this race. But if you have not already made a decision, I hope that you will consider Newt. If we will vote as a bloc, we can defeat the moderate-liberals.


Wait, wasn't the whole reason for the TX meeting to get their peeps to vote as a unit? Wasn't the sole point to coalesce behind one guy? And didn't they decide, by the majority vote that we know these folks love so much, that Santorum was that guy?

I mean gee, Don, I know you're just itching to lose all of your "protect marriage" cards by getting behind such a "do as I say, not as I've done (and done and done)" guy like Newt. But face it, buddy: Your "values" pals are all sweater-vestin' up, with or without you. Your guy lost. It's time to stop living in the 1990s and join the rest of your team as they try to regress us back to a time many decades prior!

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