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Legatus talks at us: Prominent, NOM-connected outlet pushes 'rank excesses'

by Jeremy Hooper

Legatus is one of the most prominent, most well-connected Catholic membership organizations going. Virtually every male involved with the National Organization For Marriage (Robert George, Brian Brown, Charles Limandri, David Lejeune, etc.) is a member or involved. In fact, for the most recent edition of the organizational magazine, NOM Chairman John Eastman (another member) actually wrote a commentary on the "harms" of same-sex marriage.

But wait, what else appears in that very same issue of that very same magazine? These little doozies from Edward J. Furton, Ph.D. of the National Catholic Bioethics Center:

Contrary to what you’ve heard, homosexuals have not won the right to marriage in the state of New York. There will be no wedding bells as homosexuals Screen Shot 2012-01-04 At 1.32.31 Pmwalk down the scented aisles of churches and exchange vows. There will be no cutting of cake, dancing to music or opening of wedding gifts after homosexual unions in the Empire State.

That might sound tongue-in-check, but none of these things will happen because none of them can happen. Marriage is a sacred bond between a man and a woman. Those of the same sex cannot enjoy this good. All of the outward trappings that have recently surrounded these events in New York are nothing more than appearances. They are designed to convince others — and even the participants themselves — that a true marriage has taken place.
Though it has, from time to time, been tolerated (for example, among the wealthy in ancient Greece), homosexual activity has been generally condemned throughout history. The media likes to present the debate as a struggle between civil rights and an outdated code of morality, but perhaps we’re not seeing the relentless march of human progress, but a repeating pattern. Sex of this type is repressed because it leads to such rank excesses.
We do an injustice to our young when we suggest that homosexual unions are the moral equivalent of the heterosexual. The young are subject to many passions, conflicting feelings and confused opinions. We should tell them, frankly, that whatever their disposition may happen to be, their own best interests are not to be found in actions that are contrary to nature.
The Case For Marriage [Legatus]

Our marriages are fake regardless of law, our love lives lead to "rank excesses," and our orientations are "contrary to nature"? This is exactly what they say about us when they think we're not listening. And it's exactly what the NOM crowd is consuming when they take off the pragmatic "culture war" masks and curl up on the sofa for some light Legatus reading.


**RELATED: In a previous issue, John Haas, whose children work with NOM in various capacities, wrote a truly nasty piece on gay "disorientation" and how it needs to be "changed": NOM-entrenched Haas family: Reared on diet of 'ex-gay' therapy? [G-A-Y]

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