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Tonight: Hallmark lends credence to source that equates gays with 'deadly contaminated spinach'

by Jeremy Hooper

Here's Movieguide on "Modern Family":

Life on earth is a battle between good and evil. When evil is presented as good, more people accept and do evil. Children who embrace homosexuality because television presents it as normal and acceptable will not be immune to the physical and spiritual consequences.

Truly compassionate Christians would not want deadly contaminated spinach fed to millions of Americans. Neither should they want MODERN FAMILY fed to millions of Americans. Not everyone who eats contaminated spinach dies. Not everyone who watches MODERN FAMILY will become homosexual, contract AIDS and die, or get divorced, but the real goal of putting the homosexual couple in the show is to attack the traditional, biblical view of marriage and family by presenting such things as homosexual behavior as normal. The more “normal” the lifestyle looks, even to those who see themselves as heterosexual, the more children there will be who adopt the lifestyle. Thus, the show’s ultimate goal is to remove shame from behavior that God calls shameful
. [Movieguide]

Here's Movieguide on "Glee":

One television critic said the GLEE episode will “bring tears to your eyes.” That may be. But, for those who hold to American values, we are crying for another reason -- the loss of our society's moral fabric. All those who hold to genuine values, and not the transient rush toward new lows of immorality and perversion, need to join hands and pray to God for mercy as our society continues to make evil appear good. [Movieguide]

Here's Movieguide on Chaz Bono:

Tendencies toward homosexuality, like tendencies toward promiscuity or pedophilia, are sinful and should be discouraged, not encouraged.

The ultimate tool educators use to discourage objectionable behavior is shame. If children learn that it’s shameful to be a thief, they will less likely to become a thief. If they learn it’s shameful to get pregnant out of wedlock, they will be less likely to do so. If they learn it’s shameful to engage in sodomy, they will be less likely to do so.

As God clearly says in Leviticus 18:22-30, homosexual behavior is not only loathsome, it’s evil. That’s what the Hebrew language and its context in this passage actually means.

And there's much, much, much, much more of the same (and worse) to be found at Movieguide. Pages and pages of it. And not just about entertainment, either. Movieguide has advocated against things like Don't Ask Don't Tell repeal by using the laughably discredited Paul Cameron's findings, and has lashed out against the "homosexual fascism" attached to things like same-sex adoption. In short: Movieguide is a rabidly anti-LGBT, outwardly activist site that makes its hostilities quite known!

Okay, so why do I tell you all this now, late on a Friday afternoon? Oh. Well. Because tonight, a major cable network is going to give Movieguide a whole lot of credibility, which gives LGBT Americans a big whopping slap in the face:

Screen Shot 2012-02-24 At 4.42.06 Pm
Screen Shot 2012-02-24 At 4.43.41 Pm

You know, just in case the GOP primary wasn't enough of an anti-LGBT contest for your television's liking. Or: Just in case "The Help" hasn't left you with enough Oscar weekend reasons to consider America, its acceptable biases, and the often slow journey to overcome the same.

If your family is as offended as mine, let @HallmarkMovie know the truth about this supposedly "family" show.

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