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Iowa Family leader warns 'legislators are accountable to God'; though still after your mortal marriage license

by Jeremy Hooper

This is what the Family Leader, the group trying to overturn civil, court-tested marriage equality in Iowa, thinks you need to know about the organization's current legislative fight. Pictured is Greg Baker, the group's political director:

Screen Shot 2012-03-22 At 4.50.07 Pm
Screen Shot 2012-03-22 At 4.54.07 Pm
[VIDEO: Marriage Rally]

But in the meantime? The Family Leader will do all it can to act as God's surrogate, telling the residents of a supposedly church/state-separated state and nation that faith-based whims about the optional religious ceremonial component of marriage are fine and fair reason to strip taxpaying citizens of certain civil rights and benefits. And worse yet? They'll claim they are the victims when anyone so much as says, "No, please, don't."

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