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Matt Barber says #glaadcap profile is 'out-of-context, cherry-picked'; prove it, tough guy

by Jeremy Hooper

In the Daily Caller, Matt Barber claims this about GLAAD's Commentator Accountability Project:

As feeble justification for its censorship efforts, GLAAD provides a list of out-of-context, cherry-picked quotes — some accurate, some not — the organization finds offensive.
The left’s free speech attack dogs [Daily Caller]

So I challenge Matt to show me which one of these documented and linked quips is made up. Seriously, Matt -- I dare you to do it. Here is the GLAAD CAP profile, in full:

- Has said that gay male relationships constitute "one man violently cramming his penis into another man’s lower intestine and calling it ‘love’"

- Has called President Barack Obama
an "anti-American" "enemy" who is "determined to destroy America"

- Of a lesbian couple's parental decisions for their transgender child,
said: "We shouldn't be surprised that we see this kind of child abuse and brainwashing when we allow children to be placed intentionally in motherless or fatherless homes that model disordered sexual behavior and push the false notion that human sexuality is somehow androgynous," adding that the kid is "the poster child against the unconscionable practice of legalized so-called 'gay adoption.'"

- Routinely uses words like "
purveyors of evil" or "satanic" (1:19 in video clip) to refer to his political opponents

- Said Ellen DeGeneres "
guides her many adoring housewife fans into rebellion against God's divine and explicit natural order"

- Claims that by supporting LGBT viewers, media outlets are
trying "to make the absurd appear reasonable and normal" (0:46 - 0:51)

- Says gays
make up violence "as a Trojan Horse to force, to compel nations and individuals and groups and churches that embrace traditional values, relative to sexual behavior, to push them into the closet and say ‘no, no, you have to adopt a full affirmation of these perversions.’"
Matt Barber [GLAAD CAP]

Each and every comment is backed up with either written or verbal testament from Matt himself. And not only that -- the vast majority of Matt's 6A00D8341C503453Ef0133Ee26399B970Bcomments are documented using hostile sources (CWA, One News Now, WND, AFTAH, etc)! There's not even room for cherry-picking here, as GLAAD has given readers the full document to explore the context for themselves!

But that's the thing about people who talk tough, as Matt and his thesaurus so often try to do. From the schoolyard bully to the modern day proponent of civil discrimination, we often find great disconnect between a mouth willing to spout abject animus and a spine willing to take responsibility for the same.

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