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The left's activist facts continue to attack poor Brian Brown

by Jeremy Hooper

This time in The Washington Times:

The current round of media attacks on NOM for a single line in a 3-year-old document reflects the basic tactic of the political left: Use government to push a new moral norm, and when Americans with more traditional values object, attack them mercilessly, then blame conservatives (especially Christian conservatives) for being “divisive.” Their end game? Silencing the voices of millions of Americans.
The left, not NOM, has created divisions [Wash Times]

(1) It wasn't a single line. There were many odd and unfortunate discoveries in the NOM documents.

(2) How is this a "left v. right" matter, exactly? While the NOM documents did, in fact, highlight how partisan NOM truly is (see: "Sideswiping Obama" plan), the revelations about race, NOM's goal of provoking gay people to attack certain people, plans to investigate children of gays, etc., transcend all party lines. The outrage has been bi-/non-partisan (*Plus it should be noted that very few people on the conservative side have rushed to defend NOM).

(3) Why are reports about social conservative activities always and instantly turned into "attacks"? A wide range of outlets have reported on the NOM findings. Most of these outlets simply noted what NOM did and said. And in fact, the very first report on the subject, from the Human Rights Campaign's NOM Exposed, did little more than present the documents alongside a couple of pull quotes from said papers.

(4) The only reason why NOM is being blamed for being divisive is because NOM said, in plain language, that it wanted to "drive a wedge between gays and blacks." Regardless of anything else, the undeniable truth is that NOM hoped to stand on the sidelines and stir up a gay versus black versus Latino pot, positioning gays as the adversaries/losers in any fight that might ensue. Brian doesn't want to own that ugly truth because it is simply indefensible!

And then (5) there's the "silencing" thing. This is always what the social conservatives use against us. Even though, again, the pushback against this NOM scandal has involved lots of people simply noting what NOM itself wrote and therefore putting MORE VOLUME to NOM's speech, we find Brian Brown trotting out this truly tired "silencing" claim. Over the past two weeks, people have been talking about NOM like never before. Most of us on the pro-equality side have been more than eager to talk about NOM, in fact. It's just that Brian, true to anti-equality form, needs to play the victim. And since taking responsibility for what he and NOM actually said and did or accurately responding to what people have said in response to NOM's activists are both surefire ways for NOM to lose even more face in this conversation, Brian needs to find an "enemy." For Brian's interests, gay equality activists best fit the role, just as they did in the documents that began this whole thing.

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